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Photos below are from the hotel suite
and from the restaurant performance
at Freedom City Hotel, Simmerville.

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Welcome to her world!
October 10, 2003 - by Bimbo Nobrain Loveless

Superstar Alisa Crawston is touring SimCity neighbourhoods this Autumn, and I was allowed to interview her while she stayed in the Lounge Suite at Freedom City Hotel here in Simmerville. And yes, she is just as stunning as you might expect! 

She is the woman who seems innocent and sweet, but is actually dangerous, wild and crazy - but in a good way! Alisa Crawston's much welcomed tour started August 19th in Simborough, followed by Simmington Heights, Jurmala, Simmerville and finally wrapping it all up in Simston Estates October 28th.

Her stop in Simmerville includes several performances during the period of September 24 to October 10. She has already performed live in the Freedom City Hotel's fashionable restaurant and at the Old Town Quarter, a performance which the press applauded although it was partly ruined by Mrs Crumplebottom entering stage, and tonight Ms Crawston will be giving her greatest show at a temporary outdoor arena at downtown Solana Towne Center. Her performances have been advertised for weeks, and there is not a simmervillian soul not looking forward to at least one of her shows.

I brought a nice bouquet when I met Alisa Crawston, just to realize her hotel suite was already packed with flowers. She welcomed me in a superstarish manner, wearing a black and white fashionable trouser and matching top. I was so glad her outfit matched my own black dress perfectly.

Miss Crawston, how come you decided to become a singer?
- Interesting question... I started singing when I was a little girl, mostly to my dolls and toys and sometimes to family members, but I never thought of making a career out of it since it wasn't practical and there were only regional record companies around while growing up. I wished that I didn't let the 'practicality' of a music career stop me, for music is what I love. When I sing, I can become relaxed from a hard day or get excited for a great party, singing transports me to anywhere I want to go and it makes me feel like a different person. After singing a romantic song, I naturally want romance and after singing a chick song, I feel like I can conquer the world.

You played the electric guitar at your restaurant performance here at the hotel, and it's expected that you will play the piano on tonight's big show. What is your favourite instrument to go with your voice?
- I think that both the piano, which I'm going to buy soon, and my electric guitar go well with my voice. The soft tones of the piano go emphasize the raspy deeper tones of my voice in a romantic, jazzy, mysterious sort of way, while the electric guitar also emphasizes the same tone, but gives it a different overall flavor - more dangerous, sexy, voitile way. And I love being dangerous, mysterious, voitile.

You are already a celebrity also in Studio Town. What do you like the most and the least about Studio Town?
- I like the fans, free food and surprisingly, I love it when we film music videos for my songs. They are more intense, but are more fun and I usually have on great costumes, great sets and great dancers. I don't like it when other up and coming celebs try to shamelessly use me to further their career, especially when I barely know their name!

We all love your music, Ms Crawston, and being a great fan of yours I know every single detail of your life. I wonder, do your two cats like music, too?
- Well, I actually have two PURE-BRED Scottish Terrier DOGS, Mr. Snoogles and Muffin, which is a fact EVERYONE knows. Yes, they love music. Usually classical music or my ballads seems to encourage them to breed, while they run around and play to my rock songs and the local pop station. They always come around when I jam on my electric guitar, but I spoil them and always sing them a bedtime story.

It seems like you  have it all! [except from cats!] What more is there to achieve for you? Where will you be 5 years from now?
- 5 years from now... hmm... I'll have a great music career with a few more SIMMYS and TWANGS and a SIMCHOICE award for my work. I will also have a flourishing acting career as well, a few movies under my belt, some TV shows, maybe my own series. I also want to extend into the fashion world with my own clothing line. I might have settled down with someone by this time, but I doubt it - I love to date tons of people and party too much - you should come to one of my parties, only the best celebs and biggest names of StudioTown are invited, even Drew Carey makes it to ALL of my parties - he hasn't missed one yet.

Thank you Alisa Crawston! We all look forward to your concert tonight, and I might be a natural asset to your next party! Thanx for visiting your fans in Simmerville!