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Friends! My name is Mollie MacAstral, I will provide you with a series of New Age related articles here on the Simmerville web. I have worked with several New Age related themes for nearly 20 years, including offering palm readings and astrological consultation from a purple bus in Simmerville's Old Town.

I currently have no e-mail address, but you can reach me via web mistress Bimbo NL. Contact me here with general comments!

--- October 3rd: ---
Here is another sight I had; I saw me
as a teenager disagreeing with my
sister on who we should invite
for a party. But this wasn't in
my past, and I never had a sister!
Is there any connection at all?

click for larger image
I might have seen the future!
October 3, 2003 - by Mollie MacAstral

Friends! Do you believe in dreams? As a clairvoyant I often have the strangest dreams, and I can also see the future. Last night I had a remarkable sight, I might need your help reading it.

I saw myself as a teenager in a 3 story house! I was at a party and someone started a fight and I was quite scared because I always disliked fighting. Peace! Then I also saw an accident in the hot tub, it was me getting hit by the lightening, again I was very scared, but I assume you would too if you were in that hot tub instead of me!

Well, I have a feeling that my sights are about a future event, but why would I be a teenager in the future, I'm too old! What scares me even more is that although I recognize my environment, there is something weird about the situation, like I was seeing into another reality or something. I might see a future that belongs to us all and not just me.

I plan to post more later on about my clairvoyant experiences because my dreams are quite frequent these days as I'm currently studying an old prophecy which some of you might find interesting, too. 

Friends! Click here to see my 30 sec dream!  (4.3 MB)  
[Will be removed in a while duew to bandwidth]

Note by websimtress Bimbo NL: If nothing happens when you click the link, try to right click and save to disk. Originally Ms MacAstral's dream clip was 8.7MB and it was corrupt near the end. I've uploaded a new version which is working all through, and half the size.