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Tell your hood's spokes sim to order it today!
The transfer money can be downloaded at STUFF > SimSit

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september 21 2003, LeeG, ...
That sound's so cool! We're going to add lots of Hood rules now! Super cool!
september 21 2003, Jessica, ...
I think that MUST be the BEST download ever ! And it's very hard to even get compared to some stuff out there!
Aug 26 2003, Fran Simly, ...
This is brilliant. I can now receive money from my birthday party that I threw! yay.
Aug 11 2003, Richard Beauford, Simston Estates
I think that this money exchanging system is pure genius! I can finally pay the Cornfields for working on my farm everyday....well, maybe that's not such a good idea actually.....

Money transfer between households
August 11, 2003 - by Bimbo Nobrain Loveless

Did you ever want to give some Simoleons to another household or to charge a neighbour for helping him? Well, now you can! In Simmerville the problem was solved with the easiest system in the world.

Neighbours do want to help each other economically, but this far it has been difficult to transfer money between the households, at least it has here in Simmerville. Until a few months ago when SimSit created a set of Simoleons to help you when money should switch owners.

The idea is to use two transfer items, the green money which goes to the household that should receive money, and the redish money which goes to the household that are to pay. Then, after the bank has transferred your Simoleons (which normally will be done within 24 hours), both households will simply sell the transfer item they got. Perhaps it sounds complicated, but it is very easy to use as long as you remember that green is positive and red is negative. And how difficult is that unless you are a colour blind sim?

Even such a simple thing can make a little revolution! We have a detailed community with many sims involved, and it looks like there are endless ways of taking advantage of the new money transfer system. Further down you can read about different ways to use the new transfer items.

Bertrand Montpellier
(director of real estate agency Builds&Bills)
Well, this is of course perfect for the need of paying me for organizing a new house or for house adjustments. The cost will most often be from $500 to $2000, and with the new system we will just use as many transfer money items as needed until I've got what I've charged.

Ursull S. Swims
This is so great! Some times one of my children misses the school bus, and he havd to stay alone at home. Now I can call a neighbour to come to our place, and I can pay the neighbour $250 for babysitting one day. Well, my children are no longer babies, but it feels better to know that an adult is at home with them, checking that they study and eat and not only play computer games.

Stewart Gobelin
Salut! I have two old aunts here in Simmerville, they live together in a very little house and I think it would be great to help them economically as they have no income. Giving them §500 would be of great help, I'm sure!

Jim S. Loveless
I have a lot of savings because I have been lucky with my investments. I have always been dreaming of working with banking, and now might be the right moment as the new money transfer system will make it possible for me to transfer a loan to customers, and they can transfer mortage back to me. Customers can also send me their savings and I can send them back some interests. Well, I must think more about this because it might be a risky business on my part...

Bertil Hornsby
Our household might soon split, and this transfer system actually makes it easy for us to adjust the 2 new households' networth. Splitting up would otherwise caused a lot of financial problems. We might need a garden full of transfer items, but it will still be an easy overnight operation.

Johanna Grumblin
The money transfer system will of course work wonderfully between neighbourhoods too, so I was so glad that I was able to send $250 to each of the Food Expo co-hosts, for them to give out as a local prize when they close the Food Expo or to use in any other way serving the food subject. I can see this system be used as prizes for future contests and festivals, too.

Bimbo NL
As the webmaster of Simmerville web I have already published many articles written by local sims. I was never able to pay them anything until we got this money transfer system a couple months ago. Now I can pay them for each article they write!