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Did you move with children?
What are your experiences, and do you have any tips for what parents should be aware of when the family moves to a new house?
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Jul 6 2003, Mr and Mrs Jones, Simlane 32
When me and my husband moved house we had 2 dogs that wear strays they love us we loved them but when we move house one of the dogs accepted the house the other ran away we wear so sad we have later regreated leaving for if we had not we would still have little muffin.
Jul 6 2003, Amy, ...
Same happened 2 me! i moved to ANOTHER house and it fine. i would suggest moving to another house asap if that happens to you. its not worth letting your kids go to military camp!!! you want to BE with your kids, not let them fend for themselves in a stupid camp coz ur house makes them l8 for skool!!!!!!!!
Jul 6 2003, Serene, ...
My neighbourhood's manic family decided to have 5 children over the course of several weeks, and thus outgrew the house before they could earn enough to extend it... the only feasible way was to sell the family home (in pristine condition, mind you) and move to a larger bungalow on a smaller plot of land (and much shabbier too).
Although the children settled in fine, they tended to play hide-and-seek during breakfast time, and ganged up against their pro-education parents. After Little Jill was sent off to military school, the parents decided they had had enough, and punished the children by selling one toy for every time they missed school. Soon they were down to only the beds and dressers.
Jul 6 2003, Yasmin, ...
I have recently moved to a new home with my little brother. He kept missing the bus so I home school him now. He is getting straight A's and I think its a wonderful adjust ment. Because I do work late at night but during the day I always set work for him to do and take all the fun away and I take away the phone and front door. Of course might seem cruel but it works. I think if you have problems with your kids rather or not you move try home schooling them it will work.
Jul 6 2003, lwojtas, ...
When I moved my child Lindsey missed her friends so when u move make sure she still live like in the old home.
Jul 5 2003, Holly Hickey, ...
I must say moving with children has never been a problem. When my husband Brett took my hand in marriage I was living in the house I'd been living in for the whole of my life. We had our first kid, Alicia, on the 9th day and had to move straight away. This caused no problems since they layout was brilliant. We re-decorated it to suit our style. While we were living there we had two more babies. Adeline on the 5th day of living there and Adam on the 8th day. We then needed to move again since extending just wasn't possible due to architectural problems. We then moved to our current house, added a second floor and there were no problems. It took longer to get ready for school but I resolved this problem by changing the schedule and adding another bathroom. Two days ago, on the 13th day at our new house, I had Josh. We changed the main bathroom into his room and added another, slightly smaller one. We are now living comfortably with no problems whatsoever.
Jul 5 2003, Tara, ...
Me and my husband lived in 1 sim lane, when we finally got our first child we were thrilled (ok lack of sleep but it was so inoccent), when she matured into a child and had to go to school by sim law we were ok for that since I worked as a kindergarden teacher and my husband for the police so we'd have more time to work.
She was givin a key to our house and everything she'd need but the trouble started when we moved to number 7 sim lane, we thought it'd be easier, the school bus and work cars wouldn't have to travel far, me and my husband had a room, and our daughter had her own room, with her teddies, dolls house and keyboard, warbdrobe and posters, of course we asked her first what she wanted so we'd make things easier but the trouble started when her little brother was born, we had room for him, but since she wasn't aloud to cook breakfast and meals and we din't have enough time because of him she had to go to school hungary, of course she had her lunch with her but then she started to bunk of school, we asked her if she was getting bullied, but then she was delibratly missing the bus, going to the toilet a few seconds before the bus arrived and just standing around doing absalute nothing.
It was extremly more trouble since me and my husband had to go to work after her brother started school he went but his sister still didn't go, so, we turned the study into her room (right next to the front door and kitchen) she'd have breakfast then go to the toilet.
It has worked and now I've been promoted, but unfortunatly my husband was fired because of missing his car trying to get her to go to school but now he works at home, gardening, cooking an repairing, but now she knows NOT to miss the bus otherwise she'll have to share a room with her brother!!!!!
Jul 5 2003, Katharine Ferrana, ...
I had a girl and so did my husband before we were married. When I moved in with my husband, we added 3 cats and 1 dog to the family and about to have another child. I am in a superstar and my husband is a celebrity activist. We have moved 4 times since I originaly married my husband. Unlike all the rest of comments that have been made nothing bad happened when my family moved. My kids were actually more on time then they ever were in their original homes. They each have their own bathroom and get up at 4:30am to take a bath and use the bathroom while I cook breakfast. It works out great for the whole family and my house is only one story. We have chickens in the backyard also as well as a garden. A very busy job for me but I am a very devoted mother/wife.
Jun 11 2003, Claire Yielding, Roseberry Town
My husband has lived at 69 Sim Lane since he first moved to Roseberry Town. He took my hand in marriage some time later and we lived together happily, just us and our dog, for quite a while before we decided that we would like to have a child. Our first little bundle of joy was an adopted baby girl and she was came to us on day 12. My husband took the main hand of rearing her as a baby as I worked on keeping the money coming in. Day 33 and my husband and I had a child of our own - a baby boy. When our second child was born, that was when we realised that we would have to move. Being very small, our house was simply not big enough to raise two children in.
We decided to move to 78 Sim Lane where a house was already built that was plenty big enough for us. We did add a second floor however for the bedrooms, and we rearranged the house just a little bit so that it would suit our style. We spent a long time doing decorating and when it was all sorted, we were all very pleased and very proud of our work and our new home. Our dog loved the garden and the kids loved their new rooms. Our daughter was especially happy at having a larger bedroom.
The layout of the new house is now what bothers me most, and I think that the rest of the family are in agreement with me. None of us like it and the kids are especially affected by it. They take longer to get out of bed and showered in the mornings and it takes them longer to get to the bus. It certainly has had a bad affect on them when it comes to motivation in the morning. We are lucky in the fact that their grades havenít slipped because of the move though. I certainly feel for you, Mrs. Swims in that your kids seem so badly affected by your moving house. I think that on the whole, we are glad we movedÖ I only wish that moving didnít have so much strain attached to it..
Jun 11 2003, Nnanyelu, ...
Yes, the same happened to me.
I had to move back to my old home. The children then went back to their old routines of catching the bus.
I tried making them skip breakfast, but one of my children has something wrong with them, and must eat at least 5 times a day, and go to th bathroom 6.



Moving with children
June 9, 2003 - by Ursull S. Swims

I'm the mother of 4 lovely children, plus the wife of a demanding husband, and - topping it off by recently adding a lively dog to our household. When we decided to move into a better organized home, things turned out differently than we expected.

My family has been living in number 5 Simmer Lane ever since we came to this neighbourhood, 4 children ago. My husband and I started off like most other Sim couples; we had just a few rooms and the items that we needed the most. Each time we were blessed with another child, we solved it by expanding our old house. And when my husband insisted on building a large swimmingpool in our living room, it was solved by adding a 2nd story to our house. So why do I tell you all this, in an article that appearantly should be about children?

Our household always worked well. The house was rather large, the children had their own rooms with their own personal style. We always wanted to help them develop their true persons. We never really worked hard to make them study for school, or to catch the school bus in the mornings, although we naturally kept an eye on their needs and grades. But most of this worked fine without too much interuption from us, the parents. I think the times that one or more of the children missed the bus can be counted on one hand!

Well, after 90 days in this evergrowing house, we figured it was no longer a practical home. The rooms were not well planned (sorry Crawl, but they weren't) and parts of it were never completed, so we decided to move. We hired a professional house designer, who came up with a nice 2 story house which was built in another corner of this neighbourhood. We were all thrilled, and the feeling when we ran into our new home for the very first time was something special. You all know what that is like. The new house was very well layed-out, somehow a little smaller than our old home, but still about 4000 square feet, including 5 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms. But no indoor swimming pool.

The children were just as enthusiastic as us, and even our son's dog seemed to like it in the beautiful garden. But then things started to worry us. Each morning 1 or 2 of the children missed the school bus! No matter how early we got up there was always someone to miss it! This never happened before, and the run from the dining room doesn't take longer than in our previous home.

We contacted our house designer, and even if it was against the new local community rule for house adjustments, he helped us with very small adjustments such as adding one extra door to the dining room, and just slightly adjusting a wall. We thought it was solved, and it pretty much was with a better access through the doorway for everyone. But no. Still the norm is that one of our children miss the school bus! And things only got worse!

A few days later I got a call from Military School. They wanted to warn me about my son who has been slipping grades dramatically after we moved, and they said if he didn't improve he had to be taken away! I was in state of shock, but I realized that my son very often missed the school bus. He still did, but I payed a neighbour to come to our home to make sure he did study hard while he was at home. He improved slightly, but then the Military School called again, this time they said it was too late for improvals! But I hang up, not willing to accept the facts, I commanded my son to study harder right away, and I must admit I was tempted to get rid of that dog that constantly sat next to his desk trying to get all his attention.

My son managed to improve one grade, but he will continue to miss the bus. Even if we tell him to skip breakfast sending him directly to the bus, he will walk to the bus, then suddenly stop without us knowing, to return to the house, walking slowely around the house in order to get back to the bus, and then it is too late. This never happened in our ould house, not even after he got his dog.

I could go on forever, but I must say moving with children certainly can cause problems you wouldn't dream of! I can't see any other changes than the house, and my conclution will be that the structure of your house might affect some children's behavior. In our new home everything seems to pass by much slowlier, although we kept the same routine. I wanted to share this with you in order to warn you, but also to give a sign of hope in case you are having these problems in your old home, maybe it's time to move on to another house.