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Mirror, mirror on the wall...
May 17, 2003 - by Bimbo NL

Are you a good looking sim with a good taste in clothing and make-up, and enough talented to express your good wishes for Sim Nation? If you even know a photographer, then you can sign up for one of the beauty pageants.

We all love to twist ourselves into a new outfit, then checking in the floor-to-ceiling mirror, then returning to the dresser to give it another try. If your dresser is as packed with trendy outfits as mine, then you know what I mean; the more to choose from, the harder is the decision!

If you really care about looking your best, but also to be representative in other matters, like having some skills on the Sim community, some dreams for Sim Nation's future, and even some goals in your own life, then I suggest that you check that dresser again, make a photo, and sign up to one of the pageants; the ongoing Miss Sim Beauty Pageant 2003, or the soon to come Miss SUN 2003 Pageant.

Below are links for more information:
Ms Sim Beauty Pageant 2003 
By Gloria Jones
Lake Town council president

Many Lake Town citizens remember last year's heated battle between eleven women for first prize in the Ms. Sim Beauty Pageant. In it's second year now, Ms. Sim is going full throttle, it's going Sim Nation wide! In the competition, participants models in formal wear, bathing suits, and casual wear. They tell the judges about themselves, and answer questions about how they would like to make better.

Prizes:                                                                                          1st place-Crowned Miss Sim 2003, Gold Engraved Plaque
2nd Place-Silver Plaque
3rd Place-Certificate of Achievement

Any woman sim from any neighborhood can enter. Please follow the link below for more details and guidelines. What else can you do? Well, we need judges, a talented skin maker, object maker, and of course, PARTICIPANTS! The competition is being hosted in Lake Town, and for more information about Ms Sim 2003, go to Lake Town's web site.

More information

Miss SUN 2003 Pageant
By Erica Blake
Mayfair Plaza Spokesperson

We are currently Hosting Miss Mayfair 2003 for residents of Mayfair Plaza only, but will also bee hosting Miss SUN once this competition has ended. We are encouraging other SUN members to hold their own competitions where the winners will be a part of the Miss SUN Competition hosted by Mayfair Plaza. How you run your own competition is down to your own neighbourhood council, but we would welcome entrants form all neighbourhoods in the Miss Sun Pageant later this year.

Go here for details on the ongoing Miss Mayfair 2003 Pageant.