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After this article was released, the official Food Expo section was established on my FOOD main page. Many details there, please sign up as co-host, and send in your own recipipes, appliances and accessories for the Expo! A modified market will be available +/- May 21.
  • Build a Food Expo Market in your local neighbourhood
  • Send in your own recipes or food related items for display at the Food Expo
  • Design kids' costumes for the vegetable carnival
  • Become a judge
  • Write or give lectures about the Simmish kitchen and food traditions, new food, farming, appliances or any related subject



Food Expo 2003 opens this Sunday
May 29, 2003 - by Bimbo NL


I never really cared about the nation's food traditions, what my great-grandparents ate, or whether my pixled body would prefer a flamingo egg over chocolates. Not untill I got to know a distant neighbour, Mrs Johanna Grumblin. She has been contributing to Simmerville web for more than a year, and she has already influenced on sims' kitchen routines all over Sim Nation. And she is not satisfied with this - this Sunday she opens the annual SimCity Food Expo 2003!

- Mrs Grumblin, this must be a big day for you?

- But of course! I've been working so hard with this, and so have several co-hosts. It will be a delight to finally get it all started.

The Food Expo will last for 3 months. Never before did the Expo get this much publicity.

- That is right, when I asked the Sim Nation Food Association to host the Food Expo here in Simmerville, my thought was that by having the event ongoing for the entire Summer, there will be less stress and hurry about it. More sims will get a chance to experience the good ol' market atmosphare, and I think it will be easier to reach the goal, too.

Many volunteers - one goal
- So what is the goal for this huge event, Mrs Grumblin?

- Thank You for asking just that! Well, there is only one goal and that is to reach out to as many sims as possible with food related knowledge and inspiration that will enrichen the kitchen traditions all over the nation. If we manage to raise the general interest in food, we will have achieved a lot, I tell you!

- How will you manage this?

- We will offer neighbourhoods to become co-hosts. In that way they might form a local Food committee that most likely will consist of the most food interested residents. With some luck these groups will carry on the ideas even after the Food Expo closes August 31st.

The Expo contest is open to both new and old objects
Secondly, we will invite all sims to create items, accessories, appliances and recipes to be introduced on the many Food Expo markets. Each creator can competite with 1 item per month, as we will award a winning item every month! The prize is 500 Simoleons! Both old items and new items can be sent in to me for participation, and it doesn't mind if the item was already available on the web for years. The point of this all is to reach out, you know, not necessarily to invent everything over again.