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Are you ready to be a Mummy?
April 25, 2003 - by Dr. Ashley Lithoe, Sim Bay

Simmerville web proudly introduces Dr Ashley Lithoe from Sim Parade, with her article about family planning. You can read more of her articles over  at Simborough web.

Hi, my name is Ashley Lithoe. Iím a self employed mother who helps families for a living. I graduated from Sim Bay college with a degree to be a doctor. Instead of being a surgeon I became a family planner. I help families decide when itís best for them to start a family emotionally and financially. I was a teenage mother so I know how hard it is. Because of this I run a center, at my house for teenage mothers who really need some help. I supply them with a bed and some support until theyíre on their feet again.

This article is about deciding when you should start a family. Well in my eyes there is some choice in when to start a family but not always. Sometimes you just have a child. You donít think, you just know itís the right time. But anyway here are some tips and some information about when you should start a family.

Both parents HAVE to agree. Both you and youíre partner are parents. A child deserves two parents if possible.

You and your partner have to be emotionally ready. It has to feel right for both of you otherwise it could ruin youíre relationship.

You have to be financially ready. Donít have a child if you live in the dumpster. A child deserves a home where they are safe and secure.

Make sure your in a stable relationship. If you and your partner are on rocky ground a child could split you further apart.

Tell the truth!! If you arenít prepared for a child tell your partner. If they love you they will accept your decision.

My last rule is LOVE AND CARE. You have to be prepared to love and care for this child. You have to be prepared to sacrifice partying for parenting. Clubbing for caring. You both have to be ready for settling down!

I hope this has helped ease you decision about starting a family. Itís a big decision and not to be taken likely. My thought though is you canít always plan for a child. A mother just knows when itís right!