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Simmerville web proudly introduces Lucy Test of Mayfair Plaza, with a series articles about living with a special child. She will share her experience from bringing up Jack, her child who suffers from learning difficulties.

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Life With a Special Child [5]
April 6, 2003 - by Lucy Test, Mayfair Plaza

Lucy Test is sharing experiences from her own life. If you missed the beginning of her true story, please click here. To be continnued next month.

P   a   r   t       f   i   v   e   : 

W   i   t   h   o   u   t         A   d   a   m

In the past few weeks my life has been blown apart.  I told you all last time that Alex had left us, and the effect that had on Jack and the other children, but nothing could have prepared me for the devastation that was about to hit us.

One afternoon Adam didnít come home with the other children on the school bus, and we immediately reported him missing to the Mayfair Police Department, who started a search for Adam.  We found he hadnít been at school since lunchtime, and I was going out of my mind with worry.  I called Alex and he said he hadnít seen Adam either, I didnít know where my child was, and I was going out of my mind.

The next two days were very hard for us all, and now that Jackís constant companion wasnít around either Jack started playing up a lot.  When the police found Adamís body at an abandoned house, my whole world fell apart.  My wonderful bright little boy had been taken from me, and our whole family was devastated.

At first it was thought to be an accident, but after more evidence came in, we learned that our baby had been murdered.  I canít say very much about the circumstances as the trial looms, but this is something I had never considered happening to us.

Jack has reacted very badly to Adamís death, and I now find I have to spend more and more time with him, juggling work and my family has become an all consuming task leaving me very tired and feeling isolated and unable to cope.  The loss of a child is something that should never happen to any parent, but to have your child snatched from your family leaves the worst feeling of despair.

Jack, Natalie, Kurtis and Deanna all miss their brother very much and this has left a huge hole in all our lives. 

When the trial is over, I hope to be able to move on with our lives somewhat and hopefully I can bring some good news to you next time.

I would like to thank all those who offered their support and well wishes in the last few weeks.

To be continnued.