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What is a typical name in your neighbourhood?
Maybe you don't know the local tradition? Or are most Sims originally from other districts? Contribute by sending in at least one typical name.
Only the first 10 comments will be put on this page. Closed March 23, after 16 contributions, thank you!
Apr 16 2003, Mrs Swims
After the submition closed there were still sent in many typical names. So I'll just list those names here:
Natalie, Hayden, Noah, Ellike, Aldiena, Candice, Bobby and Susie.
Mar 23 2003, Res, ...
Mar 23 2003, Sam Rebeckonson, Sim Tukket
Some names that I just love are Evelyn Rose, Ericson, Joseph, Paige,
Hollis, Aubrie, Alydia, Antoinette, Isabella, and Ryan or Jacob. The
possibilities are endless.
Mar 23 2003, StormyNic, ...
Mar 23 2003, Alaskanbaby, ...
The most common names in my neighbourhood are Christian, Noah, Star, Angel, Persephone, Cheyenne, and Mandee.
Mar 23 2003, BabieKay, ...
Sarah, rachel.
Mar 22 2003, Paul, ...
My sim childrens names are Charlotte, Alexandra, Piper, Leo, Annabelle, Paige, Cameron, Tully, Zora and Caleb.
Mar 22 2003, BlacRose, ...
Girls: Zahra Content, Aja Nicole, Dalia Marie, Zara Kalina, Aaliyah Rose, Adele Denise, Jayda Marie, Trinity Nole, and Leia Noel.
Boys: Corbin Mitchel, Aden Michael, Zale Robert, Kaden Anthony, Taye James, Jace Cain, Graden Anthone, Jayden Philip!
Mar 22 2003, Bryan, ...
Jen or Mark
Mar 21 2003, MARICELA, ...
Rose jade kitten can be used for a sim girl, or pet. also my prized name is mar y cielo (mar ee seielo) which in spanish means sea and sky!
Mar 21 2003, Iya M. Free, ...
Our first names coincide with our last name eg. For the Free's the children are Bornfree, Bevery, Ever and Ultimately. For the Party's their children are Hava and Giva (brother and sister). etc.
Mar 20 2003, Jim, ...
Moon-Sun-Rain is a great name for a Sim child!
Mar 20 2003, Aggie McCoy, ...
Hi there! I live in a Uruguayan neighborhood so we speak Spanish and use Spanish or Latin names mostly. Some common names are Ana, María, Paola, Laura (female names), Daniel, Enrique, Alejandro, Pablo (male names). It's also common to have sims with two names: María Noel, Juan José, Ana María, etc. Anyway we have a people whose ancestors emigrated here a long time ago from a lot of countries (my case), so we have a wide variety in names!
Mar 20 2003, Ben Roth, Baggins Field.
In Baggins Field, we also have a tradition of naming. Though it's usually for pets(umm) we use it for kids too. Here's a small list of kid residents of Baggins:
Fay & Felix(brother & sister)
Drake & Dhalila(brother & sister) 
Artem & Alia(brother & sister)
Mar 20 2003, Kelsey, ...
Mar 20 2003, Stephen, ...
I think the most common name is sam or sammy.
Mar 20 2003, S. Blagg, ...
Some good typical names for a baby are Sarah, Julie, Max, Lily, Marco, Max, Lilian, Brian, Stephanie, Michael, or even Joey.



What shall the baby be named?
March 19, 2003 - by Ursull S. Swims

Every single day more than 5000 babies are born in the SimCity area. In addition there are the many adoptions. Have you ever thought of how difficult it is to find a unique name for each of these children?

Well, you won't have to find a name for the 4999 other babies, but it can be hard enough to find a proper name for your own child. It is a decision that can never be reversed, and your beloved child will have to live with the name for a full life. It's definitely not an easy choice!

There is an old Simmish naming tradition that most modern Sims are not aware of. It was a common ritual only 100 years ago, but today it might be found too old fashioned. In the past a child was always named after two of its grand parents. The first part from one grand parent's name was to be combined with the last part of another grand parent's name. For example could a child with two grand parents named Elizabelle and Berthold be given the name Elithold or even Bertabelle. With similar combinations with 4 grand parents would result in 16 different names to choose from. What do you think of  - this one is a real classic name according to Simmish traditions.

Because of the combinations some names might be kind of strange, compared to the names we prefer today. But still, there is a rich culture hiding in these personified names, and the tradition of bringing along a piece of 2 grand parents is very good for the family ties. More important in the old days when the tribe meant so much, but could still be essential for the new Sim's identity.

I've collected some of the more common old names, and in my new Naming your Baby service, you can find more than 3500 suggested names! Click the button on left side top of this page to run the naming service.

If you find the names too exotic for a sim of the modern community, maybe they would be good for your cat or dog?