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Mrs Swims | Mr Ballong
Missing residents found tonight!
March 11, 2003 - by Bimbo Nobrain Loveless

Last week 2 Simmerville residents were reported missing! Monday the SimCity Police managed to locate the missing sims trapped in the SimLOOK house - it was the revenge of the testSims from Sims Science's project! Read the full story here!

Ursull S. Swims and Simbille Ballong were located yesterday in Simmerville, in the SimLOOK house. Together with 2 more scientists, Claire Bruybey and MM, they were captured by the 7 testSims that never left the building. All 4 scientists are in good condition, and they say they have not suffered a lot, except knowing how much their family and friends were worrying. It was actually a posting on one of the SUN boards, about the fact that the testSims from the project had not yet left the house, that prought the police to the SimLOOK house. They blocked off all traffic and managed to get into the house last night, but they were surprised by meeting no attempts to keep the police out of the building, and everything was quiet inside. In the library Rita and Rasputiz were playing chess, next to a huge cage that has been the home of the 4 scientists for almost a week. Rita asked if the police would like some espresso. They didn't think they had done anything wrong by putting the scientists in a cage, after the testSims had been trapped in the SimLOOK house for almost a year, while the contract they signed in March 2002 said the project would last for maximum 2 months.

The 10th SimLOOK report got the title "Final surprise" - how little we knew about the very final surprise. The testSims used the same strategy as the scientists by placing hidden cameras in the house, so that you can see pictures taken on the surprise night.

On Day51 all the testSims were happy that they were allowed to leave the house. For the first time in 50 simdays they all changed clothes, they joked and had fun knowing that no scientists were watching. They were feeling more free inside the house than they could possibly feel outside it. Although some SUN neighbourhoods were offering them new homes, they decided to spend one more day in the SimLOOK house, with the science cams turned off. They started to plan a revenge...

Quentin, Sonia and John built a huge cage in the library, Rita baked some cakes in the kitchen, Rasputiz played chess and Arthur finally worked out on the exercise machine, while Agnes walked into the Gym - not to swim (which she hate so much), but to make some phone calls. She invited 4 of the scientists over for a final party in the SimLOOK house. They all accepted, surprised by the initiative.

First Mrs Brubrey and Ms LLL arrived. Rita welcomed them, and asked them to join the others in the Atrium where the hot tub used to be located. The others put up their happy faces, talking with the scientist to keep them busy.

Next Mrs Swims and Mr Ballong arrived. Rita and Quentin welcomed them as well, Noticed that also Mr Ballong was wearing that new SimLOOK T-shirt. Quentin couldn't help it but complaining that if anyone deserved to get that T-shirt, it would be the test sims and not the scientists! Rita stepped him on the toe as Mrs Swims and Mr Ballong were asked to join the others - not knowing what was waiting... and not understanding why Rita went to change outfit.

While they all were gathered in the Atrium, the atmosphare became rather tense, and most of the test Sims could hold back no longer. Agnes and John were quite upset, and the scientists might have understood something might be in the air... but it was too late as they were already...

... surrounded by the testSims. The 4 scientist suddenly were turned into the objects - and like the testSims for the past year, they could not escape. One by one they were caught and forced to move over to the library. On this photo Mrs Swims is the last of the scientists to be attacked. 

Then all 4 of them were put into that huge cage. The 7 testSims were dancing and cheering, now let's see who are the testSims and who are free to discuss every little movement of those poor scientist objects! The 4 scientists understood they had no chance to escape, but at the same time they did try to no panic, because obviously this was just some reaction that the testSims needed to free themselves from the project. Soon the party will start...

But they were wrong. And right. Because the party certainly started, but without the scientists. The testSims walked over to the dining room where the table flooded with delicios food prepared by Rita and Sonia. Rasputiz had mixed the drinks. For almost a week the scientists were held in that cage. One at the time they were allowed to use the bathroom, and to eat and talk with a few of the testSims, but always put into the cage again.

March 10th 2003:
From what I got to know through my contacts at the SimCity Police, there are big news in this mystical case. Last week the 2 Simmerville residents Ursull S. Swims and Simbille Ballong were reported missing, and nobody could see the link. Today the police got to know that also two more scientists not living in Simmerville have been reported missing, and all 4 scientists have been involved with the Sims Science. This lead the police to the SimLOOK house which has now been put under guarding by the police. The road has been closed, and the police asks everyone to stay away until further notice.

In this time sims are reported also from other neighbourhoods not too far away, such as Simborough and Mayfair Plaza. My contact said nothing about a connection with those, but I'd suggest everyone to take their precautions as needed.

I'll do my best to find out more tonight!

Simmerville, 10 March 2003
Bimbo NL

March 8th 2003:
They are both rather well known in the area, Ursull S. Swims being the baby specialist having her own column here at Simmerville web, and Simbille Ballong being known for both fronting the SUN (Sims United Neighbourhoods) as well as producing stuff for SimSit's section at STUFF. Nobody has seen either of them for several days.

First Mrs Swims was reported missing 3 days ago by her husband Crawl G. Swims. All he knows is that she left for some kind of a meeting, and never returned. He says that she never before stayed away from their home as much as one hour late without calling home. The couple has got 4 kids. Mrs Swims is rather tall and skinny, dark skinned with high hairstyle with a golden tone. She is usually wearing a skirt and jacket, but her husband is not sure what she was wearing on the day she left, because a skinny dark skinned police woman found that nothing is missing from Mrs Swims' dresser.

Mr Ballong is living alone in 4 Simmer Lane, and nobody know the exact day he might have left his home. Yesterday some neighbours got worried after hearing about Mrs Swims, and realizing they have not seen Mr Ballong in several days, probably not for the entire week. He is medium tall, fit, blond and is probably wearing casual clothes. He works as a teacher, but has not been at work for the full week.

After searching parts of the neighbourhood including the river with help from dogs, the police and investigators now ask for help from the audience. If you have received a mail, phone call or in other ways heard from either of these two Simmerville residents lately, please contact SimCity Police Department by calling 70 04 or 70 05.

On behalf of Simmerville web, this will mean that any updates relating to the work by Mrs Swims or Mr Ballong will be delayed until we can find their replacement. We do of course still believe that they will be back, but we also realize the fact that something criminal might have occurred. Updates will be added to this article as soon as we get any news.

Simmerville, 8 March 2003
Bimbo NL