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Ursull S. Swims
Baby specialist, Simmerville
I think the Family Day is a great idea, and I'm very grateful to our clever Hood Council for suggesting it. As a specialist on babies and children I so often see how parents don't have time to learn to know their own children. And the children should of course learn to know their parents, too. This goes for my own household, too. We all know that some parent-child relations really needs a lot of time and attention, while other relations grows by themselves. With the new Family Day I believe this might be a lot easier to many families!

Blenda Light
Student, Simmerville
Cool!!! No schol on Fam Days!!!! Yezzzz!

Brion Mervil
Capitalist, Simmerville
What a silly idea! Sims have always flocked to Old Town because of what they find there, a not because of what day it is! Since my ancestors funded the Mervil's Marked back in 1847, not to forget Ol' Ed Mervil's, the businesses have established all over Old Town, and many Sims go there on a regularly basis in order to sell vegetables or to get news from the district. Others buy pets, or get palm readings or exercise, even! No need to tell families to go to Old Town every 5th day, that will only result in Sims who currently visit Old Town every 2nd day, will now wait for the Family Day instead! What a bad idea that is!

Josefine Gobelin
Home Maker, Simmerville
This is the best news in my ears for years! I think I go to Old Town all too seldom, now I will bring my cat, Nell, and make sure to go there at least on our Family Days! Yes, and my sister Adelheid will join us, too! It needs to be a place where we old ladies can get some coffee while talking with neighbours, and Nell can run about in some outdoor park.

Family Day - a new tradition in the hood!
February 15, 2003 - by Bimbo Nobrain Loveless

Is your family tired of going to work and school day after day, and hardly ever get to enjoy a break without feeling guilty? Do you miss more time with your family? Help is near as the Simmerville Hood Council introduces the Family Day!

We Sims do not live in the world of the Humans - you already knew that! So, we don't have a 7 days week like they do. But recently the Hood Council of Simmerville introduced a new periodical Family Day, which has become very popular in our neighbourhood.

The Family Day occurs every 5th day, i.e. the household's Day20, Day25, Day30, Day35. It can be compared to the Humans' weekend, but the Family Day does not relate to the Human calendar, instead it's set by each Sim household's day count.

On these days the family is encouraged to take the day off from work and School, and rather spend some time together, in their home or in any other available location such as Old Town. Use this day to work on the relations within the household and to add enjoyable photos to the family album! Note that the Family Day is not meant for focusing on your neighbours or non-household friends or individual skills, but on your own household members!

Right after I got the news from our local Hood Council in my mail box, I phoned Mr Steve Grumblin, who had the idea in the first place. He is quite optimistic concerning this new Family Day.

- I think this will be a welcomed day off for most Sims. This far you never had any reason to take a day off without feeling you should have been at work, but with the Family Day it's turned around; it's now expected that you take the day off! Much easier!

But will there be no angry call from your employer, and will kids' school grade not drop?

- Yes on both questions. Unfortunately this is a local thing, at least this far, and the community at large has not implanted that every 5th day is a Family Day. This means that if you were sick or lost your carpool on Day44, you will get fired if you stay home on Day45. And it is very important that you make it to work the day after a Family Day. Kids will drop in grades, but if they study just a little this will not be a problem at all. If a kid never study, staying home from School is of course a bad thing to do.

So, having the Family Day indicates that the family might need to do things a little differently on the remaining 4 days of the new Sim week?

- Yes, this needs a little planning from the household's side. Also, there will not be any call reminding you of the Family Day, it's part of the family planning, too. And, this is a voluntarily project, if someone feel like skipping work and School every 10th day instead of every 5th day, it's their own choice. Nobody will direct them what to do.

But the Family Day has already grown popular here in Simmerville, proving there was a need for such a weekend for us Sims. And I've heard it has also inspired the owners of various Old Town locations to start developing their facilities because of the increase of traffic.

- Yes, the response has been mainly positive from all sides of our community. I think it's only a matter of time until the employers too will see that their employees will work better the remaining 4 days when they take every 5th day off. The day is good to most family relations, and we in the Hood Council do think the entire neighbourhood will benefit from this.

Do you think the Family Day is something other neighbourhoods might be interested in? How would they proceed to introduce it to their local hood?

- It is a choice which belongs to each Hood Council, and not to us. We was the first hood making the Family Day into a natural thing, and we expect that others will like the idea, but they might find different ways of realizing it. I think a 5 days period is pretty good though, because some households needs a long time to proceed 10 days of their life.

Can you suggest a couple ways the Family Day can be spent?

- First of all, it's important that all household members are reminded before they go to bed that next day is the Family Day. Kids will look forward to it, but kids don't always keep track on how long time is 5 days. Then, the next morning it's important that everyone is rested, that all car pools and the School bus is ignored. I'd suggest the family takes their time to eat a good breakfast together, and shortly after calls the shuttle bus. If they decide to stay home for some hours first there is a risk they will no longer be fresh and rested, and their motivation might drop. When picking the Old Town location, think of the family members' interests and ages, the best locations will have a variety of activities, such as a gaming area and a relaxing area.

Another good alternative is to go on Vacation to some great resort. This will be quite expensive if done every 5th day, but is still a good way for the family to spend time together. Or, if you are a couple only, like me and my wife, we can spend the day together at a good Downtown location.

If your hood doesn't have it's own Old Town area, Downtown district or can't afford a vacation, then you will plan some fun in your home instead, which might be just as fun. Play games and talk together. Eventually invite some friends to join you, but keep in mind that at least a part of the day should be dedicated to the family only. The point is to have a good time together and to talk. Eventually the family want to add at least one family photo to their album per Family Day. Those will be great memories.

Thank you Mr Grumblin, and enjoy your next Family Day!