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Is there a cure for the Plague? What have the scientists discovered, and how can your Hood protect yourself?

Does the Plague scare you?
How do you deal with the fear, the disease or the memory of your deported neighbours? Only the first 10 comments was put on this page.
Jan 22 2003, I. Roberts, ...
Hello.  Just a few days ago, my child Elizabeth was struck with the horrible desease.  One morning she just woke up with the upside down face deseas.  It was horrible.  My little girl waas forced to stay at home and inside she can't play with any of her friends.  Since she is an only child we fear she ahs only us to comfort her, even though we were told to keep a distance away from her incase we catch it.  But I will not stay away from my suffering child!  If she is going to be sick then I will to, even if it kills me.  Which is likely. So I beg you to please find a cure as soon as you can, for my child is sick and will soon… she will… soon die if ther cure is not found. I myself have been working in my own lab at home to find a cure, but nothing has worked. I will be waiting every second for new updates about this.  Please HELP!!
Jan 22 2003, David Deana Belt, ...
Hello, I was hit with the upside downface as well. It really is making me mad. What can i do. I cant find the filecop they were talking about. Please find a cure!
Jan 17 2003, Jeannie Walker, Sim Gardens
Sim Gardens has been split with the plague issue.  Our old neighborhood and its residents have remained free of the plague while neighbors in our new addition have been hard hit by the sickness. We evacuated all the people living in that section and rarely visit, except to adopt pets.  We are so thankful that our friends here in the old neighborhood are ok.  But everyone is afraid to move into this new part of town.
Jan 17 2003, sjb24, ...
Hi there, I have lived in my neighbourhood for ages and just lately I have had to sit back an watch in vain as my neighbours and loved ones are stricken down with this horrible plague..I look forward to a solution to this terrible is only since I went unleashed that the plague has hit.
Jan 14 2003, George Phillip, Simmerset
Simmerset has only one instance of the upside-down head plague to report. It occurred in the new addition of Simmerset shortly after it was incorporated into Simmerset. One individual got the disease as he was returning home from the circus job he has. He was petting his dog when it happened. Soon none of the neighbors could enter his house. Our scientists replaced his DNA with a healthy DNA sample as was recommended to us, and he was fine and we were able to enter his home again. He contracted the disease four times in a short space of time and we treated it the same each time. He has not had a
recurrence for several weeks. No one else has been afflicted.
Jan 14 2003, Anonymous, ...
Dear friends and people of simmerville,
Not to long ago I was infected with the upsidown face. By the time you get this I will probably be no longer here. A few days ago I went to my closet to try something on, because I was going to dinner that night. I looked in and saw a strang looking dress. I tried it on and before I knew it I had gotten it! The plague. I thought I would never live. Altlhough the days seemed to go by quickly as I was more infected with it and I knew the day would soon come when I would be gone forever. I Went to docters and neighbors. They said there was no cure. They said it would only be a matter of time. I would faint often and could not walk most of the time. All I have to say is be carfull... to everyone out there! There are sevrel ways of getting it and most of the time it comes unexpected. But, it does not mean you cannot avoid it. I was unwise and very curiose. And look what I ended up with. Thank you for your time and I hope I can wish you all well.
Jan 11 2003, Fcn612, ...
This whole plage thing is so easy to get rid of. Just hire the sims FileCop from All the upsidedown faces will be erased.
Jan 12 2003, Leanna, ...
Hi there, We have been hit by this plague since we went unleashed. Good luck with a cure, I will watch in hope. Take care.
Jan 11 2003, Sinagod McTavish, SimKeep
The Principality of Simkeep was plagued with a very virulent outbreak of this horrible plague several weeks ago. It occurred after our great westward expansion. We were lucky that our leading scientist had instituted a program of saving our citizens DNA files so we dealt with the problem of infection by replacing their diseased DNA with the healthy one. They were able to resume their normal lives. We had to treat many times but finally the plague stopped. We know that unless a cure is found it can strike again, but we are ready to treat again if we need to.
Jan 10 2003, Anthony Troy, Simborough
Before I moved to Simborough the entire population was hit by this plague after being built up over about 2.5years. The effects were devastating as EVERYONE wsa deported, all homes bulldozed and Simborough as it was once known was gone. A new hope glimmered in the future as Simborough was re-opened for sims but alas the disease has struck a few again. We are living in fear that loved ones and friends will get this..I myself am expecting a baby soon and am so fearful that I miss work sometimes because I dont want to come home to find that Deanna or Sarah has been hit. Scientists we need your help!!
Jan 08 2003, Bettie Brutz, Shorthood
I and my husband are newly wed, we just settled down here, just in time to see how our closest neighbour's wife got this awful face and died from it! We do stay at home more than usual, we read and watch tv, and talk to neighbours only on the phone.
The Upside-Down Face Plague
January 08, 2003 - by Bimbo Nobrain Loveless

There was always a quiet atmosphere in our neighbourhood, but these days Sims are avoiding each others, and when we go to bed there is no guarantee we will wake up the next morning without our face turned upside-down.

This is a quote from what I heard a frustrated Sim mother from a distant neighbourhood say when buying her weekly magazines Downtown. I was next in line, and first I thought she was just being the most pessimistic Sim I ever saw. But then, she figured there was no point in buying the 2 extra magazines because the risk was she would never wake up to read them. That was when I understood she was real scared.

After this, I've heard of neighbourhoods having no choice but deporting their entire population, about crying parents losing their children and vice versa. Communities that have built up to something very enjoyable over ages, have been wiped away - just because of the new plague, the upside-down Faces.

Simmerville residents badly infected
In Simmerville we have also had the disease, although this has basically struck strangers or families recently moved into the neighbourhood. Nevertheless, serious investigations have taken place, and the report is shocking: half the population seems to be infected, and some of these are my neighbours in Simmer Lane! Many well known Sims are reported to be totally clean, Mrs Grumblin, Mr Ballong, Mrs Swims and myself. But others were not that fortunate: The Moulino family is currently isolated in their home, all 8 household members are having the plague! The Beartop family, including one newly adopted baby still in the cradle, are all sick. And, at the Valentinos, the housewife is not yet sick but infection is getting worse all the time.

- Mrs Valentino, how did this all start?
- Before I answer that, I'd like to arrest you for calling me a housewife, which I'm definitely not! I'm a Lieutenant! And nobody seems to know what's the source for this disease.
- You still go to work though?
- Yes, to me my work is more important than most issues in life, so I will go to work for as long as I'm permitted.
- But how do you feel, mentally and physically?
- I'm in perfect shape and condition, thank You!

- Mr Moulino, your entire family of 8 are infected by the dangerous plague! The community did isolate you in your home, there were painted black crosses at your gate and not even the mail woman is allowed to deliver any bills. How do you all handle this terrible situation?
- It's horror to us all, that's all I can say.
- Will your 6 kids no longer be seen outdoor playing like they used to do, while I tried to take my nap on the very trendy sofa across the lane? 
- They do play indoor instead, they have many toys. The doors are locked from outside by the Hood Council.
- But there is a hope ahead, isn't there? Or will you be deported like so many others in other neighbourhoods?
- No comm.. snz... comment...

- Mr Andrew Beartop, you are still the neighbourhood's number one athlete, how will the plague affect your career?
- It is too early to say. I don't feel any different, but they say I've been infected for quite a while already. It must be my good physics keeping me up.
- But your life partner, the famous artist Chris J.B. is sick too? Do you think the portraits he made of me will soon be worth a fortune, as he might not be able to paint any more?
- You should ask him... He is feeling fine, too, and he is only in the first grade of this disease. Neither do I or our daughter have any visible signs of the disease yet, we are hoping for a cure.
- You are gay, does that mean you will not mind getting the female upside-down face?
- Pardon? Would you want an upside-down face of another woman just because you are not gay?
- But if you should die, or get deported, what about your newly adopted baby? He is still in his cradle, right?
- No comment!!!! Please leave us alone!

What is the source, where is the cure?
Well, as you can understand, the situation is hardly bearable to many of my neighbours. Everyone currently living in Simmer Lane has been here for 70-100 Days, meaning we know each other quite well after running down each other's doors. This far nobody living here has got the deadly upside-down face syndrome visually, but the tests have proven that many are infected. In the rest of the neighbourhood several Sims were already deported, or they simply died while their homes were bulldozed.

Rumours says that it's the strays who are spreading the virus, cats and dogs moving from one lot to the next. some say it's a punishment because we Sims have always been so greedy. Scientists do not agree whether this might be the actual reason for the disease, but they are working on ways to run tests and to keep the situation under control. Everyone are waiting for the pharmacy Maxis to find a cure to eliminate the upside-down face plague.

In the mean time I plan to investigate further, and I will shortly talk to various scientists about how they are dealing with the situation, and perhaps how any neighbourhood can avoid or at least reduce this tragedy.