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4 families living in 4 different neighbourhoods formed this year's Christmas presents test panel.
Here are their brief presentations: 
Neighbourhood: Citrus Grove
Family: Kidman
Reported by: Jennifer Kidman
Jennifer (32), Brocke (32) and their 3 kids, Addeline (10), Tori (8) and Ryan (7). The family also has one dog, Mischief. They are wealthy because Brocke is a famous retired gnome maker.



Christmas Special 2002 - Part I

Downtown is decorated with trees and lights, the mistletoe is seen everywhere, and you might see a neighbour kissing a Townie while Mrs Crumblebottom gets ready to attack. In the fast food restaurant they play "Jingle Bells", some Townie kids are singing at the square corner. It's Christmas in SimCity!

We had so many updates for December that we decided to make a Christmas Special :) We still have more in progress, so there will most likely be yet another special later this month, Part II.
Christmas presents - ideas 2002
It's time for shopping, and you have absolutely no idea what to buy for your loved family and friends this year! We gathered products from different web sites, and asked our test panel of 4 Sim families how they liked to recieve such as Christmas presents! Find out what they said, and get some ideas!
New neighbours for X-mas?
Do you want to add an exciting experience to your life? Want to see SimNation? Join the new SUN Family Exchange program, and switch home and neighbours for a few months with someone out there! Read the interview with the program's founder and supervisor right here!
Get your own copy of
the SimLOOK house!
That's right! You have probably read at least a few of the reports from this popular project, which is planned to close December 31st. Now you can buy a copy of this house and walk in the same rooms as John, Magdalena, Sonia, Rasputiz and all the others!
Christmas offers from
our STUFF-staff!
SimSit, BB-design, Art for Art's Sake and Johanna Grumblin have been working hard to present a collection for the season. Here's part 1, including a few items for Downtown shops.

Later this December: Meet Sim new-age expert Ms MacAstral, more products from the STUFF-staff, Christmas tips from Social Services!