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New: Bulletin board for SiM KiDz!
December 5, 2002 - by Bimbo Nobrain Loveless

The SUN bulletin boards have got a new addition; the SiM KiDz board. Kids all over SimNation are welcome to post and discuss until their fingers break. Adult Sims are not allowed to read or post!

What's the coolest toy, or who has the best pet? Are you frustrated because of your home work, or di you think that School stinks? Do you want a pen pal, or do you need help to trick your parents?

The SiM KiDs board has been open to SUN members for a few days, and today, December 5th, it opens to public. If you want to be part of it but don't have a computer, you can visit someone in the neighbourhood or use a computer in the library at School.

SiM KiDz bulletin board is asking adults to stay out! If you come across any post by a parent or other adult Sims, please contact me to get their post removed. The SiM KiDz is for kids only!

Click this icon to get access to the SiM KiDz board. You will find the icon on top of the SUN page and Simmerville's main page.