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Did you throw a party?
Please click here to post your brief report, your name and what neighbourhood you live in. You can attach one photo, too.
Only the first 10 reports will be put on this page.
Nov 30 2002, Lin Rhoades, Sim Gardens
A party for the residents of Sim Gardens was given by our local party hound, the hostess with the mostess, Jan Bachman and her husband Larry. Neighbors flocked to the party to celebrate Simmerville Web's 100,000 hits milestone. A good time was had by all.

Nov 30 2002, George Walker, Simmerset
The party in Simmerset in honor of the Simmerville Web achievement was given in the home of Mayor Betty Mackenzie and her husband, John. It was a great party!

Nov 27 2002, Bimbo NL, Simmerville
Well, let us start with a brief report from the Simmerville celebration. The party took place at the home of web mistress Bimbo, and most of those residents contributing to Simmerville web, attended, as well did some others. We had loads of fun, and here's a photo:

Celebrating our 100000 hits milestone
November 27, 2002 - by Bimbo Nobrain Loveless

Simmerville residents recently celebrated that our web site turned 100000 hits. Thanks to all the positive feedback the Sims involved have got new inspiration. Read about our future plans and how you can contribute.

The party was a blast, which shouldn't surprise anyone as it was hosted by myself. But also other neighbourhoods threw parties; Jan Bachman reports he threw a party for Sim Gardens residents, and Betty Mackenzie threw a party for Simmerset residents - and I suspect there are more. Anyone who celebrated with us are welcome to send in one short report and one picture from the party! (10 first to be posted on this page).

Upcoming news at Simmerville Web
In general we want to secure regular updates, and because we have so many different sections our goal includes having at least one update per section monthly. This might seem like few updates, but with about 8 sections that would secure about 8 new articles or new items each month. Besides the boards will of course be updated constantly.

Simmerville web started out February 2002 as a site for Simmerville residents, but it seems like Sims living elsewhere feel a tie as well, SUN participating neighbourhoods in particular. And our policy is of course that what is interesting to Simmerville residents, should most likely also appeal to Sims all over SimNation. We want to continue with giving readers a chance to contribute with personal experience to most of our articles.

Future plans can easily get changed or delayed, but the following plans are quite accurate, and should appear no later than January 2003.

Sim Kids finally get their own bulletin board
After we opened the boards for all Sims, being a SUN member or not, the traffic has increased nicely, and that was what we wanted to see before the Sim Kids own board was to be opened.

Many kids do have their own computer, and they might need to discuss school, pets and other interests, or even share their frustration caused by their parents, on a board where adults are excluded from posting. This board is already open to SUN members, and will go public on December 5th.

The SUN Family Exchange program
The SUN network has added a lot to many participating Sims. The 2nd core group will be formed December 1st, and we get new registrations almost daily.

One brand new idea, provided by current SUN Core member George Phillip Martin of Simmerset, is the SUN Family Exchange where 2 households will switch home and neighbourhood for a certain period, in order to make new experiences, get to know more neighbourhoods, and to make new contacts. You will find reports from most of the exchanges.

Look out for a soon to come article introducing this.

Sims Science plans SimLOOK2
The SimLOOK project has been a great success, although many Sims who follow the development have expressed their frustration because of the wait for each report. It started in April and was supposed to be closed within a couple months, but there's still more than 10 days to go.

Sims Science will run a follow up project to start shortly after the original project has closed. The new project will be quite different, as any Sims can effect the project in a lot more ways by voting. As a start you will be invited to decorate and equip the new SimLOOK house - even with your self made walls and items! You will even be invited to work as one of the TestSims in this project! The reports will be different and a lot less time consuming to write.

- We will post the information on how to participate when the ongoing SimLOOK project closes in December, Mrs Swims confirms on the phone.

Introducing a New-Age section
January 2003 Simmerville web will introduce a brand new section dedicated to New-Age, dealing a lot with Sim Astrology. We are still in the early planning, but we know that many Sims feel that they lose contact with their personal nature and desires, because of the constant hunt for a better job and a better equipped home. 

- Life is about so much more which can not be counted in Simoleons. Many Sims have forgotten who they really are - their inner self has been pushed aside and they no longer feel their own personality as strong as they should, says Ms Mollie MacAstral, who is living in Simmerville's outskirts and will be running our new section. We will introduce her in our Christmas special!

Your household can join our test panel for Christmas gifts!
We already had a series of surveys, although most of them were delayed they tell us that Sims love to contribute. Your household can now sign up to join our test panel for an upcoming article, actually suggested by Jennifer Kidman, a web surfing Sim living in a distant neighbourhood. Each test panel household will receive a pack of 10 Christmas gifts ideas, and will contribute with their comments on each item. If you have created a gift item you would like to get included with this test, please contact me before December 5th. Check out the Trend section for more details, and check back around December 10th to get some ideas for Christmas gifts!

Expect many Christmas updates during December. Among several articles, the Sims behind our STUFF section will put their minds together to release a number of new Christmas items. Thanks for staying with us, and remember that all suggestions for future articles or general improvements are greatly welcomed :) !