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Sign up as test household
Please click here to apply to join the test panel for the Christmas Gifts test.
Deadline December 5th 2002.
Submit your own gift item
Please click here to submit a gift created by yourself, to be included in the Christmas Gifts test. Send in your item together with your name and eventually an URL where the item is available. If you want Simmerville to offer the item to others, you must state so.
Deadline December 5th 2002.
Suggest other's gift item
Please click here to suggest a gift created by others, to be included in the Christmas Gifts test. You must include creator's name and the URL of the web shop where the item is available.
Deadline December 5th 2002.
Test panel needed for X-mas article
November 27, 2002 - by Bimbo Nobrain Loveless

Simmerville web is preparing our "Christmas Special", and among the articles we will present ideas for shopping Christmas gifts. We now need Sim households for joining a test panel testing the products.

Your household can now sign up to join our test panel for an upcoming article, based on an idea by Jennifer Kidman, a web surfing Sim living in a distant neighbourhood.

December 6th each test panel household will receive a pack of 10 Christmas gifts ideas, and the test panel households will contribute to the article with their comments on each gift item. We need at least 5 households to join the test panel, and each household must contribute with comments on each of the 10 gifts, a web form for casting votes and comments will be available December 6th.

Then you will have 4 days for testing the items and cast your votes and comments. Votes must be posted no later than December 10th and the article will be published shortly after. The web form for voting will not be public, so you must sign up in advance to get included.

For each gift you will cast a vote from 1 to 6 points, and also a very brief comment on how your family liked the gift, what kind of Sims you would expect to appreciate it as a Christmas gift. Each comment can be just one line - or more.

I will also request one thumb nail face picture (like mine on top of this page) for each of your household members, but this is not required. Also your family name, each family member's age, and the name of your neighbourhood.

Have your self made gift included in this test!
If you have created a gift item you would like to get included with this test, please contact me no later than December 5th. The gift item must be well suited as a Christmas gift, it must be created by you, and your household must not be in the test panel. Walls, floors and clothing will not be accepted, neither will any item which require a neighbourhood upgrade be accepted (TS standards only).

You can also suggest gift items you find on the web shops, or that you already have in your local stores. Maxis created gifts can be suggested, too. Self made original gifts will be given priority, though.

Each suggestion must include name of artist/creator, and URL for web shop where the gift can be imported. Simmerville web will not upload any gifts for distribution, except if it is created by you and it is not available elsewhere on the web.

Any questions? Please mail me at