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Power crises hits Simmerville!
September 19, 2002 - by Bimbo Nobrain Loveless

Last night 4 power stations in simCity exploded, and the entire Simmerville area was left in the dark! Residents have no information of when power delivery can be expected back to normal.

The situation is critical; no power - no espresso! Last night at 6:14PM all households experienced a true nightmare. No electronic equipment worked, all lamps switched off by a huge invisible hand, no streetlight, no phones, no music, no cooking, no espresso.

Rumours tell that the SimCity Energy Department took the week off, and on their 4th day on Vacation, at least 4 power stations exploded. The stations were about 130 years old, and the department should therefore have replaced them ages ago.

This is a very difficult situation for most Simmerville families, because so many households run their own businesses at home. I ran into a few of them in my desperate search for espresso:

Bitchy la Beth Hanssen: I had just completed my September wallpaper collection, dedicated to babies and kids, a collection I think of as my best. You know, my daughter Samba Luna did sleep in my Studio for 3 night because she didn't want to leave those cats on the wall. Now, all this is lost, as my digital originals were deleted when the power was cut off. I know there's not much help in complaining, but I really miss painting my wallpaper patterns. Now I will have to do it in the dark, you shouldn't expect wonders for my October collection, then.

Ursull S. Swims: Well, I must say I'm still in a state of shock. I was cleaning the dining table in our home, then everything got black, I thought I had became blind. The dishes broke as I dropped them on the floor, then I took 4-5 steps backwards in the dark, and I fell into the swimming pool my husband has built in our living room. I swam, but I could not see the ladder. Our children helped me find my way out. Then I realized what had happened, and I naturally hurried into my office, to check my research notes just to find the computer totally broken, and all files deleted! Now I just hope the Sims Science office has not been struck too, if so the SimLOOK project will have been seriously damaged!

Simbille Ballong: I'm very very sorry, because one of my store rooms caught fire because of a machine exploding, caused by the power cut off, and many of my not yet mass produced or published furniture were destroyed. This happened also to huge store buildings where we kept imported furniture ready for testing over in Testville - everything is gone.

Stella Simpley: I was reading a crime sitting in front of the fireplace, so I didn't notice the power cut until I left for bed. I could not find my bed, so I had to sleep on the floor, and I still have not found my bed, in fact I am not sure whether I am on the first or second story. It's a large house, you know.

The crises struck all neighbourhoods in the Simmerville area, including Testville and Slummerville.

Nobody can tell whether the dark situation will go on for days or weeks, we just have to wait. No school bus or car pools will be serving during this time. Also the Simmerville website has experienced great loss due to the crises. Many planned web updates and surveys etc has vanished with the power cut off. I hope Simmerville web will soon be back to normal, but there might be no updates for the next few weeks.