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I asked 5 Sims:
How do you feel about the new Net worth Tax?
Mr. Findson (28), SC Social Services
I do not live in Simmerville, but you ran into me now because I'm doing a research for a SimCity Tax Report. I'm not aware of any other neighbourhood implanting extra taxes, so this is special to us at the Social Services too, we will follow this with eyes of Argus.
Julia Valentino (28), Lieutenant (Law)
Personally I could need a new outfit every week, so if that is what I'll get from paying this new tax, that would work for me. We are wealthy enough to pay even more than 1%, I think they should charge more and buy a deal with SC Taxi, most of us have never been downtown because there's no taxi around!
Fedima Beartop (soon 10)
Is it a candy? I think I would want a candy named Tax. Or is it a pet dog named Tax? I think I would love that also!
Jim S. Loveless (28), Senior Manager (Business)
I think it's on time we rise the taxes! Most families in Simmerville are wealthy enough to pay a lot more than 1% per month. They don't understand that the taxes will be spent on things they will benefit.
Cassie Moulino (37), Artist and Activist
This is horrible! By paying this tax we support the Testville project, where poor Sims are abused in the name of science! I've hear that one test Sim is dead already! I will not buy the clothes or chairs coming from this project!

Simmerville residents meet new taxes!
September 3, 2002 - by Bimbo Nobrain Loveless

A few weeks ago all Simmerville households received a letter from the Hood Council, announcing the new net worth tax, running monthly from September 1st. But why complaining?

There's been a lot of fuss lately, concerning the new Net worth Tax. Steve Grumblin, member of our Hood Council, asked me to write an article on this subject, as some residents obviously threw that letter away with the trash. What a stupid thing to do! Important letters should not be thrown out just like that.

I ran off to my desk to read the letter once more, but ack - it wasn't there, I'm sure it must be somewhere! Then I got an idea, why not interview Mr Grumblin!

- Very well. I thought our letter said it all, but here we go.

- Fine. The new tax, it has resulted in a few complaints, right? Sims saying they will leave this neighbourhood for good, or what?

- Not that bad, but yes, there has been many protests to this new Net worth Tax. Residents tend to believe it's much heavier on them than it actually is.

- Right. It will only be a couple thousand simoleons per household monthly, or? Uhh, the letter said 5%?

- Hm, wrong, but it seems like everybody who did NOT read the letter believe it's all about a 5% tax. The Net worth Tax is only 1% of the household's net worth, I'm sure those complaining were surprised when the tax was paid, and it hardly effected their budget. The average household was charged §785.

- I agree it's not that much to scream about. And it's for a good course, the tax will be used for ... roads and cabs... and ... such?

- This tax is reserved Community development. Like importing new furniture, wallpapers, cloths and even garden plants. In the newly opened Testville neighbourhood all these articles are tested, and these families need financial support to buy the stuff they are to test. The Net worth Tax is far from covering it all.

- So maybe we should rather stop testing imported articles? SimSit, BB-design and Art for Art's Sake can deliver what we need!

- No, that would be ridiculous, because they can't produce enough items. And many imported items are of low quality, or they can't be used around here at all. It is a Sim's right to have a personal home, don't you think? How boring if all your neighbours had exactly the same sofa and kitchen counter as yourself.

- Oh, I don't even want to think such an awful thought! Thank you for telling us some about the new Next worse Tax, Mr Steve Grumblin.