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NOTE: To use my wallpapers in your own home, just ask a wallpaper sales company to download them from this page by clicking the name of the zip-file. Each zip include all available wallpapers of that series. Then the company should unzip the package, and place the items in your neighbourhood's gamedata>walls folder. The wallpapers will then be included in your neighbourhood's sales catalogue, available for you to buy for use in your home.

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May collection: Puzzle for the kids
May 13, 2002 - by Bitchy la Beth Hanssen

It's no secret - I and my husband, Jonathan, long for a second child, but with my home business just started, and Jonathan being a TV-star, we have not found the good timing yet. Any ways, It got me thinking of original wallpaper patterns for a kid's room, and I came up with 2 more miniplain series.

The Puzzle series comes with two base colours, pink and blue. The base is one coloured and looks pretty good alone, but the point of the miniplain series is to add some extras, and this time it's puzzle pieces, given in 3 different wallpaper sections; start, end and the full wall. The full wall item matches, so you can actually use it for a base - if you can't get enough:)

The Puzzle series even works fine as an alternative to bricks and tiles i.e. in a bathroom, or on the wall of the kitchen counter. Why should only the kids have a fun wallpaper? The base items go very well with any kind of wooden floor or furniture, actually they will work fine in just any room if you are into pink or pale blue.