The Simmerville web site is copyrighted residents of the Simmerville neighbourhood of SimCity.

All text and illustrations are original, although, the illustrations will include objects and environment from MAXIS's The Sims. The illustrations will as well show user created objects, furniture, wallpapers, floors and clothes made for use in SimNation, found on the web and included to our shops' assortement here in Simmerville. We can not credit each and everyone who created those items, mainly because it would take us forever to find out who created what. Objects have been downloaded legally, and we therefore assume the creator do expect them to be used as long as they are not passed on from this web site in order to be used by others.

There might also appear some details from illustrations and art work found on the web, but it will normally be used as a base for further work, or be a small part of a larger setting. Anyways, we will try to credit anyone who should be so, and if we miss out on it you are welcome to support us with additional information such as artist and origin. Such information will be included with objects and wallpapers, but not neccessarily put on the web site (i.e. STUFF).

If you find that your creation appears on several pictures, such as a dress frequently worn by one central character here on the Simmerville web, contact us and we will credit you on this page. In general: thanx to all creators out there!:)

All objects and wallpapers available from our site (STUFF) were created by Simmerville residents, and were tested by households and companies here. We are not to be held responsible if any of our items should cause any problems in your home (but we can't really see how they should...). To avoid trouble when installing anything found on the web, you should add just a few items at the time, if things don't work out, it will be easier to find what's wrong.

MAXIS has not been involved with any parts of the Simmerville web site or concept, except inventing most of our environment in the first place... Neither are they responsible to any of the content found on Simmerville web.

Technically, Simmerville was a very old styled neighbourhood (TS), meaning we were living rather small, and our dates were not too hot either. Neither did we give any House Parties. This changed October 2002 when we got connected to downtown through a good deal with SimCity Cab Co., meaning we may experience a little more hot dating (HD). December 2002 we hope to make a deal with SimCity to get the shuttle bus to frequent Simmerville (U). This will obviously effect the content of Simmerville web. This will also mean that i.e. items available on the STUFF section will be tested for "U", but will still be cloned from "TS". Anyways, items will be categorized for the sub categories, and for downtown and (soon) oldtown. I'm not sure how this will effect use in HP or LL neighbourhoods, but if you have problems, just let us know. 

Anyone contributing to our web site with facts or comments based on possibilities that is essential for a modern neighbourhood, should state so in their text by adding "LL", "HP", "HD" or "SV" to their text, relating to the neighbourhood they live in.

Simmerville, February 17, 2002
modified November 9, 2002
Bimbo Nobrain Loveless