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March survey:
Poor knowledge on Sim culture
May 11, 2002 - by Mr. McStoticks

March survey focused on Sims' knowledge of and relations to other neighbourhoods, and the interest of establishing such ties. This was our first survey so we did not expect many submissions, but we got enough entries to at least make a vague summary.

Here is what we got:

Current knowledge of the Sim culture?
Almost 75% admit they don't know the Sim culture, or that they hardly know it. This is quite a surprise to me, as Sims are known for seeing their neighbours very often, share gossips, and even to read papers and study. In general many Sims are well educated having a good job, making them reflected individuals. The new question that appears is; would those less informed Sims be interested in learning more about their culture? 

Learning more about the past and future of SimCity
55% say "yes", they are interested in learning more about SimCity as well as the neighbourhoods, but only half of these did admit lack of knowledge in our previous question. This tells us that most Sims who not already has some knowledge on Sim culture, are not interested in getting more knowledge. On the positive side; only 9% of those with little knowledge is absolutely not interested in learning more.

Naming other neighbourhoods
Only 1 submitter knew the name of another neighbourhood. This shows how little contact there is between the SimCity neighbourhoods. Cultural and personal this is a tragedy, but well - it must be how the Sims want  it to be.

Frequent contact with residents of other neighbourhoods
More than half of the submitters have no contact with residents of other neighbourhoods, while 45% have some sort of contact. This is surprisingly positive, when we know that they hardly can name other neighbourhoods.

Forming interest groups across neighbourhoods
So, this leads us to the most interesting question, the interest of making ties to other neighbourhoods. More than 50% are definitely interested in forming interest groups, which I think is a very high number. 25% are not interested at all.

Kids corresponding with kids of other neighbourhoods
Hardly anyone is positive to this option, the majority don't find it realistic. Only 18% are positive.

Joining the SUN network
Almost 65% are definitely positive to join a network such as SUN. This is good news, cause joining such a network will no doubt improve on most knowledge and interest not only across neighbourhoods, but also about Sim culture. Nobody turns the SUN network down, although 35% seems to be a little sceptic to how it can be an asset to their neighbourly community.

How happy are we?
Finally, we asked whether the Sims are happy or not. Much to my surprise, nearly 50% are not sure whether they are happy, or they do not consider themselves a happy Sim. What does this mean? Is half the SimCity households not so happy with their lives? Are they just on their way to reach happiness? What are they missing? It's not necessarily a bad thing not to be completely happy, but I'm convinced that SimCity would be a much better place if those 50% could get some more happy moments. I definitely want to find out more about this in a future survey!

Thank you to all who replied to our March survey. May survey will be out in a couple days.