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Apr 29, from: Mandy Smith, Slummerville
Hello Ursull, I and my boyfriend have been kissin for weeks, but nothing happens. Is there a chance that one of us can't make babies?

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Making Whoopies
April 29, 2002 - by Ursull S. Swims

In the Sim culture shaking hands is an opening to friendship, hugging is an invitation to a close relationship, while some kissing might change your life completely!

Every Sim has a basic desire of reproduction. Sims normally don't get a baby after a few minutes of happiness, nature is watching your heartbeat, and looking for a stabile and lasting relation. I think that is a good thing, because making or adopting a baby should be planned. You might need one extra room to be a nursery, later on the child might need a bedroom anyway, and you will need some extra money - not because it costs much to care for a baby, but if both parents normally work outside the home, you will loose 3 pay checks, and you should have saved up enough money to pay expired bills and any unexpected services (repairman, fees etc).

What does it take?
Through my work as a nurse I once got a question from a young woman; can I become pregnant by shaking hands with strangers? I had to tell her that she could not get a baby that easily, and you might believe that she was relieved, but the fact is that she was rather disappointed. She had longing to have a baby for so long, but she had no boyfriend, and neither did she want to get too involved with anyone. Neither had the adoption service contacted her.

This young Sim woman found the truth to seem a bit unfair on her, as she was convinced she would make a very good Sim mother. In some years she will probably realize that a baby needs a lot of caring and a solid and secure home base, something 2 parents can achieve easier than one young woman alone. Having a baby is not necessarily very expensive, but it will need a lot of your time to please everybody in the household.

So, before you decide to give birth to a new Sim, you need to consider your total situation. Will there be room, time and money enough? If you very much want a baby, the answer will most likely be YES.

Romance and kissing
Making babies is quite easy, and can be done in no time - if you already have a satisfying relationship, that is. Start with some hugging, cause even if you and your partner usually make a good team, you will not want to move to fast. Your partner might have had a bad day, and can possibly turn you completely down if you jump straight to the kissing - even if you have been kissing before. Add some romance to the situation, serve a cosy dinner, decorate with candles and flowers, play soft music, and make sure nobody gets in your way. Don't let any neighbours in, they are not needed for making babies! Make sure to entertain each other with dancing or games, and for Sims sake - don't ever watch TV in order to build up a perfect mood! TV is not very romantic, not even a tear dripping love story.

Most Sims forget to brush their teeth before they start kissing. That can be the detail stopping your partner from getting real passionate, so why take the risk? Also wash your hands, and naturally you did take a bath or shower before your candlelight dinner. An all over good hygiene together with a clean home, will help on the situation. Yes, I said clean home - get rid of any old newspapers and dirty dish, and who would 
fall in love standing next to an aquarium with dead fish?

Kissing may drag out beyond your imagination. Don't panic if you spend one evening kissing and there's still no baby. It's a start, and Mother Nature will not forget your attempt, at least not if you continue the efforts the very next day. If needed, kiss a little every day, and whenever you find some time, spend time on romancing your relation to have the baby. I believe you will succeed within 3 nights of passion!

For those who can't have a baby the alternative is adoption, but most Sims would prefer producing it the natural way, at least giving it a try. Personally I have two kids from the adoption service and two from Mother 

The minute your baby is born or delivered, the passion turns into insane 
routines where the screaming little thing will take full control over your next 3 days. And it's worth every minute!

The photos in this article shows a young couple who moved into Simmerville some time ago, Cassie and Richard Seb. Moulino. These pictures were taken over 2 days, before they got their first child, today their family counts six children! The series illustrates flirting, the magic moment of falling in love, giving back rub, kissing - and of course the result.