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What's your favourite meal?
Wanna share? What Sim meal (as in corn & beans, steak, salad...) is your favourite?

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May 11 2003, from: lwojtas, ...
April 14, from: Richard, ...
Halo, my fav meal is probably salad as I am a veggie. I never let any of my family have snacks and we still only need two meals a day.
April 14, from: kjshill, ...
As I have a part -time job (I'm in college) as a waitress I need to keep a fit body so I likes pasta and chicken salad for dinner.
April 14, from: JuneBuggKitten, ...
My fave food is corn,peas,beef, and a cold rootbeer.
January 13, from: Erin Bromley, ...
My favorite food is salad. My roommate and I (being girls of the college age) were very health conscious, and so we made salads as most of our meals. That habit seems to have stuck, and now my family eats a salad with dinner every night.
October 25, from: Sleepydragon143, ...
My favorite foods are pizza and pasta because they have a sensational taste. My favorite beverage is soda (orange) and lemonade.
July 31, from: kay88, ...
My fave food is seafood! I love calamari rings and chips, with Greek Salad and lemonade. YUM!!!
July 28, from: Mikael, ...
My favourite food is pancakes and hamburgers! 
Apr 30, from: Chris J. B., Simmerville
Hi, my favourite meal is a very late dinner (corn & beans) - alone! After my partner and adopted daughter have gone to sleep, I like to sit alone in our kitchen eating a meal on my own. Food is good in a party, but it tastes differently if you are alone and all night sounds are your only company. 



Facts from the Simmish kitchen
April 7, 2002 - by Johanna Grumblin

I was asked why I find Simmish food so interesting. I asked back; why shouldn't I be interested in what allows me to stay alive, what made me grow up from being a little girl, and something that is the main reason why my family and friends flock around my dining table?

Simmish kitchen culture is not about food alone. We do have an old traditional kitchen, although it seems that most Sims nowadays are willing to replace their corn & beans with pizza and espresso. In this, my first article for my new food section her at the Simmerville web, I want to give you some basic facts on our food and meals. Later on I will share with you my best recepies and good advices for your kitchen.

In general, Sims are very food loving. What has the power to wake up an entire family without even knocking one single bedroom door? Right; the smell of newly prepared food! Which room is probably the busiest in your home? Hopefully your kitchen. And, why do you think that Sims goes for a 2nd plate even when they are perfectly stuffed from the first plate? It must be because we just love eating! We are a nation of food freaks!:)

The 3 meals
Today it's common to serve only one or two meals per day, if your kitchen is well equipped that is. Our grandparents always ate 3 times per day; breakfast before 10AM, lunch sometime between 10AM and 3PM, and finally dinner before midnight. Back then they had poor stoves and food processors, and they became hungry again much sooner than us modern Sims. In addition, they worked harder and ate no snacks, which also made them long for the next meal.

Food that has already been served on a plate should be aten within nearly 8 hours. This means that you can have two meals from the same preparing, i.e. remainers from a late dinner can be eaten for breakfast the following day if you get up early. It also allows you to prepare a meal for your guests several hours before they arrive.

Food quality
Yes, some food taste perfect, while other meals make you feel hungry again after just a couple hours. You should pay attention to the kids groaning "yack" or pracing their dish with a "yummy". A good meal is essential for any Sim. There's a huge difference between poorly prepared corn & beans, and the same dish if well prepared. 

You can still be a healthy and happy Sim even if you choose not to use modern kitchen appliances, but you will have to serve food more often, just like our grandparents did. That is not a bad thing if you like it in your kitchen, but if you need more time for your carreer or other interests, the kitchen might not be your favourite arena. And by the way, preparing food turns into quite a mess if you don't even have a stove or a free counter.

What we eat, is what we are
Well, wheather you like it or not, it's right there in your fridge; corn & beans. For breakfast, for lunch and for dinner, always corn & beans! And it's perfectly okey! Sims never asked for the gourmet experience, but for not being hungry.

Back in the real old days, 17th century, nobody even thought of changing our monotone meals. But in 1790 something happend that I will tell you about in another article soon to come. Anyways, it's hard to imagine how life was when they did not even have snacks in their fridge, right?

Nowadays, most Sims have enough money to buy other kinds of food, being gelly or turkey, even cakes and cookies. And it's fun to eat something different on certain occations.

Out there we have several businesses and individuals coming up with new meals for our pleasure. And for our stomacks, too.