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Which one is your favourite radio channel, and how often do you listen?
Are you a rock-Sim, a classical-Sim, or perhaps a Country- or Latino-Sim? And how often do you tune in your radio station? Any dancing?

Please submit here.

Sep 7 2003, Jessica, ...
I'm a Latino Sim and I dance with all my friends and family at our very cool 

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Hot music in the neighbourhood
April 4, 2002 - by Bimbo Nobrain Loveless

Sims just love to dance, and every home in Simmerville has got at least one radio or hi-fi. SimCityRadio changes most of it's play lists monthly, and for April they offers some Spanish rhythms.

We all need some fun, and the radio or hi-fi is a great source for just that. Personally I prefer my Strings Theory Stereo (§2550), but if you can't afford that, a simple radio might be fun, too. Some Sims keep their radio playing 24/7, day and night. Most guests starts dancing if you play some good music, and for your own pleasure - have a dance - alone or together with someone you care for. Some dancing a couple times every day, might save you from depressions.

The radio stations that residents of the Simmerville neighbourhood can tune into, play new music every month. Each of the 4 channels offer at least 5 different songs, some cool and relaxed music, and some dance beat. If you are fond of music, let's hear what radio you have, what is your favourite radio channel, and how do you use the music?

Here are the play lists for April 2002:

Rock - includes hits, pop and dance

  • Thalía: Arrasando
  • David Civera: Muevete
  • Don Ray: Got To Have Loving
  • Isabel Pantoja: Asi Fue (D.J. A.Z Club Mix)
  • Kylie Minogue: Can't Get You Out Of My Head
  • Monica Narañjo: Sacrificio
  • Vincens: Where's The Love Gone
Latino - includes etnic, jazz, soul, r&b
  • 5senses: Innocent
  • Esquivel: All Of Me
  • Fiona Apple: Slow Like Honey
  • Najwajean: Chica De Ipanema
  • Niña Pastori: Alma rota
  • Romantic Saxophone: Misty
Classical - includes popballads, instrumental
  • Imaani: Where Are You?
  • Isabel Pantoja: A Tu Vera
  • Kate Winslet: What If
  • Lorena McKennit: Tango To Evora
  • Rocio Jurado: Yo Te Amo
  • Tenchi Muyo: Autumn Of Life
  • Tosca: Honey
Country - includes folk, trad, oldies
  • Estrella Morente: A Que Niegas El Delirio
  • Estrella Morente: Sevillanas De La Vida
  • Gipsy Kings: Tango Flamenco
  • Lucy Kaplansky: One Good Reason
  • Rocio Jurado: Amor callado