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Having a sneaky peek into SimSit
March 15, 2002 - by Bimbo Nobrain Loveless

What was intended to be a quiet production of a couple chairs, turned into a home packed with all kinds of items undergoing tests and adjustments.

SimSit is not only about seating, actually SimSit doesn't plan any chair release at all for the nearest future. Instead, a lot of items for practical use seems to become SimSit's brand. SimSit founder and administrator, Simbille Ballong, has invited me and my photographer to his very small home in Simmerville to tell us a little more about his ideas.

- Time is my biggest challenge right now! I guess I should quit teaching, and rather consentrate on my business, states Simbille after letting us in. He has not served us anything, and he doesn't even have a modern stove for cooking, we notice. The kitchen is rather messy, and we don't really see why he dragged us in there. Not one single item tells us that the resident of this house is an inventor, a scientist and the founder of what might give Simmerville a place in the regular Sims' hearts (sorry Baby Dizzy...). Neither do we understand why Simbille left the kitchen and locked the door!

- So sorry! Simbille has just returned to the kitchen. - I had to hide away some secret items that can not be photographed yet. 

We are welcomed into his living room, and now I realize this is not an ordinary household. The living room is packed with different furniture and household items undergoing testing and improving. The first thing I see is a remarkable end table, it looks like something I never saw before.

- It's from the Safari series, the inventor explains. It is not yet ready for release, I want to create a couple more items to go with it first.

Then I ask why his business is named SimSit if he doesn't plan to focus on seating.

- SimSit is the name I gave the very first chair I recoloured, now known as SimSit CitChair SUN, Simbille explains. I immediately recognize the orange and yellow chair that can already be found in many homes of Simmerville. - I intended to focus on seating, but rather early I understood that I was constantly planning on other sorts of items, and having many new ideas that were not related to seating at all. My favorite is games, or stuff to spread around to mess up a little, I just can't stand a tidy home, *shrug*.

SimSit is doing more for Simmerville than creating new objects?
- Yes, I've got a contact with the head imports organisation, and my job is to test all furniture and other items that are imported. They need testing and catalogue adjustments before they can be presented to the customers. And, I must say there are so many great creations! And also so many weird catalogue descriptions not edited at all, it seems.

So what are the next items we can expect from SimSit?
- Besides the games that I just hided, I'm working on several end tables, as well as items for the study. And I have a great idea for a very useful object that I don't think has been created by anyone else yet. Many of these to be released in April.

Thank you, Simbille Ballong.

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