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NOTE: To use my wallpapers in your own home, just ask a wallpaper sales company to download them from this page by clicking the name of the zip-file. Each zip include all available wallpapers of that series. Then the company should unzip the package, and place the items in your neighbourhood's gamedata>walls folder. The wallpapers will then be included in your neighbourhood's sales catalogue, available for you to buy for use in your home.

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March collection: 4 MiniPlain series
March 9, 2002 - by Bitchy la Beth Hanssen

The stores and catalogues are packed with complicated patterns and textures, which some times can be too much for a simple interior, or if you want all the attention directed to your furniture instead of the walls.

I have always missed some minimal and clean wallpapers. My MiniPlain series is an attempt to contribute to this. My motto has been that Mini does not stand for small but less than overwhelming, and Plain does not mean simple, but clean. Each MiniPlain set will contain of one basis wallpaper which is a clean one coloured wallpaper, cost only §1. Each set will have additional items that can be used alone, but intentionally as something to vary or complete the entire interior. I will create more additional decor items for each set, and there will also be more sets with a different base colour.

Check out how different your great furniture will look with these rather simple wallpapers. Plain wallpaper is perfect for small rooms, but they are also great in combination with other colours or patterns, even.

My March 2002 production offers 4 sets of the MiniPlain series, plus the Frost base which is nearly white (and yes, that model is me, *smiles*).