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How to recognize a Jet-Set-Sim?
How would you recognize the jet-set of your own neighbourhood? Would wealth count more than amount of friends, would personality qualities as kindness and playfulness count more than being outgoing?

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Feb 20, from: Bertil Hornsby, Simmerville
Hi, I think money is essential when you pick the jet-set members. People with no money will not attract the trendy guests, and can hardly belong to this money spending group.

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The Jet-Set-Sims
February 21, 2002 - by Bimbo Nobrain Loveless

Some of us attend all the parties. Others have the largest house around. Let me introduce you to the Jet-Set-Sims of Simmerville.

I guess you will instinctively know when you run into a neighbour belonging to the Jet-Set-Sims. He or she will be kind and easy to talk with, or the fashional outfit is saying "I'm Jet-Set-Sim" even from a distance. But if you sit down to write about how to tell the difference - hey, that's not as easy as you thought, and that's what I'm about to do now.

I assure you, I'm never wrong when it comes to Jet-Set-Sims, and my personal Top-5 list is never far away from my phone. When I want to socialize, I prefer calling these social and party loving people, why should I go for anyone else? You'll find me visiting homes having a swimming pool, a bar counter, or at least some fashionable high tech or art for my amusement. Of course I might consider their financial situation as well, but jet-set is not about money alone - it's also a matter of how you spend them. I'm sure you might have a different view on this.

First of all, there are 3 things that I find more important than anything; the typical Jet-Set-Sim is outgoing and has collected many personal friends, and he or she should also live in a worthy household.

Here's how you can rank your own neighbourhood: Make a Top-10 of residents for each of the 3 criterias, and check who's name appears on at least 2 of those lists. By following my calculations for Simmerville you will see how to do it.

I start by ranking the 10 most popular adult residents, sorted by the number of their personal friends. Personal friends as in individual relations and not family friends. Friends within the same household don't count.

My theori is that outgoing people get more friends, and those having the most friends are more likely to introduce me to more people than a shy person would.

Use the same method to decide the Top-10 for the households' net worth. This should be pretty easy to do, you will normally need to pick the 5 most expensive houses, and rank the adults living there by the net worth.

Here in Simmerville, only 4 out of 10 households have a net worth more than §75.000, while the remaining 6 are less than §40.000. On the definite top we find the Simpley sisters having a rocking high net worth of 107.082 semoleons, followed by the Valentinos, the Hornsbys and the Beartops. 
What can be said to be extraordinary about this ranking, is that neither of the Simpley sisters have ever been working, and only one person in the Valentino household is having an income. I keep asking myself how these families can be this wealthy, and it's no secret that I feel very attracted to them both and want to learn a trick or two:)

Make a Top-10 on outgoing adults, ranked by their urge/need of socializing. This is easiest found as part of individual personalities, you will figure.

The Final Count
Seeing all 3 lists at the same time, makes it easier to find the solid Jet-Set-Sims. Don't be surprised if this turns out to list the neighbours who are most often on your door!

Here's the March 2002 lists for Simmerville:
Top-10 Friends Top-10 Net Worth Top-10 Outgoing
Chrisander Beartop (5) Rabarabra (§107.082) Rudy Valentino 8
Crawl G. Swims (5) Stella (§107.082) Julia Valentino 8
Rabarabra Simpley (4) Carl Hornsby (§86.383) Richard Moulino 8
Rudy Valentino (4) Sven Hornsby (§86.383) Johanna Grumblin 7
Ursull Swims (4) Bertil Hornsby (§86.383) Rabarabra Sm. 6
Bimbo N. Loveless (3) Chrisander B. (§84.084) Jonathan H. 6
Bitchy la Beth (3) Andrew Beartop (§84.084) Bimbo N. L. 6
Jonathan Hanssen (2) Rudy Valentino (§81.102) Stella Smiley 6
Jim S. Loveless (2) Julia Valentino (§81.102) Carl Hornsby 6
Steve Grumblin (2) Jonathan Hanssen &
Bitchy la Beth (§39.158)
Ursull Swims 6

You will see I've coloured names red if the name shows up in all 3 lists (which is how I recognize a perfect Jet-Set, and I've used the colour orange if the name shows up in 2 of the lists, meaning this is a "watch out". The colours are just to make it easier for you to see the repeated names. If you are extremely concerned to mingle the right people, you might want to focus only on the Top-5 names. For my personal use, I have a way more complex system for those calculations.

My Top-5
Anyways, there's no doubt; Simmerville has only 2 real Jet-Set-Sims, and I'm not at all surprised who they are:

1. Rabarabra Simpley 
Rabarabra, Simmerville Jet-Set #1, is quite outgoing and nice, and I assume her wealth and Simmerville address is giving her a lot of friends, too. Her sister Stella is currently ranked #3 on my Jet-Set list. The Simpley sisters are the wealthiest household of this area, and they live in the old, large original house up on the hill, SimmerLane #2. Nobody really knows how they became this wealthy, because - as far as known - they never spent one single day working! Rabarabra is currently dating my old school mate, Jim, we share a house so I see Rabarabra quite often. I shouldn't add that the Simpley sisters are quite well known for their bad taste, so I will not mention that at all. I'll tell you more about them in a soon-to-come "Chez Simpleys" feature, including photos from their villa. 

2. Rudy Valentino
Rudy is #2 on my jet-set list, and the Valentinos are #2 on the list of net worth! Rudy is a very outgoing person, and quite popular, too. Rudy and Julia moved to Simmerville quite a while ago, and they brought a complete 2 stories tall and well equipped home. Only Julia is having an income as a desk sergent in the Sim City Police Department, while Rudy is improving his cooking skills and playing the piano a lot. This couple recently got 2 kids, both daughters, but that doesn't seem to keep Rudy away from the jet-set scene. 

3. Stella Simpley
4. Chrisander Beartop
5. Ursull S. Swims
5. Carl L. Hornsby

7. Bimbo Nobrain Loveless (me!). My family name doesn't pay me much justice, because most people around here simply adore me.

9. Jonathan Hanssen 
The movie- and TV star Jonathan Hanssen is the 3rd person who is ranked on all 3 lists, even so I've ranked him #9 on my personal Jet-Set list. You might already know the background of the Hanssen family, but it's quite unique and will definitely be presented in some future article here on Simmerville web! Jonathan, former trapeze dancer in circus business, now he is a well known TV-star.

I'll keep you updated on the Simmerville jet-set.