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Share your experience
Wanna share your experience from feeding your own baby? Any smart tricks, signs to look for, like movements or other ways of noticing if the baby is hungry for more?

(Submition closed Apr 15 2003)

June 9 2003, from: qwik, ...
I found the easiest way to calm a crying baby -- feed, feed, sing -- then said infant will go back to sleep with no problems; "we" have shared this little tip with every impending parent in the neighborhood (which now has some 18 children circulating rumble-tumble through the backyards) and have yet to lose even one to the social workers.
March 21 2003, from: Rachel, ...
Hi I'm Rachel Robertson im a mom of 3 heathly kids 1 of my kids is still a baby
my darling son Nicolas crys for a bottle but when done he crys for more so i
feed him more it silly.
Feb 14 2003, from: LinzCate, ...
I've found that feeding once, then singing twice, generally works pretty well. If the baby is still crying, then sing again. I have some neighbours with six children, and here's also a family with three girls. I've never noticed any difference in the feeding habits between boys and girls.
November 9, from: Dragonbabe, ...
I wish my sim baby could grow up longer and be able to crawl and learning to walk and be able to feed it baby food and change its daiper and change it clothes and give it a baby bath. and have baby sitters that come over and take care of the baby when the parents are at work.
October 25, from: FROSTY1POP, ...
I've found that when the baby wakes up you feed it, play with it, sing to it, play with it and the sing to it once more it works for me most of the time.
July 11, from: Acoles, ...
I find that if you feed your baby once and then sing to them twice they will stick to the eight hour pattern very nicely.
July 11, from: G. Slater, ...
I've found that when the "sim" baby wakes up its is good to feed it, just once, then play, feed, sing. It works for most of the sim babies that I've had but I can't guarantee it will work for all, thanks for the advice about the belching thing.
July 11, from: Shelby, ...
What I do to get my baby to leave me alone is feed it 1-2 times and sing to it! The baby sleeps for about 6 hours straight! In the 6 hours I get my other sims' in the household motives up!
July 11, from: Gerrirat, ...
Hello! In my house, we've had two babies, and so far I've seen a pattern with every baby I and my neighbors have had. The first time they're fed, they need to be fed, then sung to, then fed, and sung to again and they sleep for quite some time, about six or seven hours! After that, you normally feed them once every time they wake up and then sing to them. I've also noticed that with my neighbors, the girls need to be fed more often then boys. This is my experience, but it probably differs from baby to baby.
July 11, from: Susan Weber, ...
I've found that if, after feeding the baby the first time, and it is still crying, sing to it once, and if that doesn't help, sing once more. That always does the trick for me.  Feed/sing, feed/sing/sing...
June 11, from: Destiny, ...
It's in my experience you should feed your baby 1 and then sing to her/him 
and then feed her/him. If that doesn't work try singing to the baby again.
May 29, from: Liz Addy, Pringle Dale
Hi! Although we only have one child, my general experience is that 2 milk feeds and then singing to your baby is enough to keep him/her asleep for well up to 10 hours! Also, look out for feeding patterns, and if the baby cries when they wouldn't normally be hungry, just play with them (or get a guest to do it!)!
Apr 6, from: Esther Jones, Simsville
Hi! I've heard that baby boys need more milk than baby girls. Is that true?
Feb 21, from: Richard Seb. Moulino, Simmerville
We just got 4 babies over 16 Sim-days! That means I and my family have served nearly 80 bottles of milk lately! Wow!!! We love the cradle milk machine. My experience is that even if there's a belch after the 1st bottle, it's ok to go on with the 2nd one. If the baby doesn't want it, it will not take that much extra time, but if it drinks some of it, with some luck the baby might sleep one extra hour.
Feb 18, from: Julia Valentino, Simmerville
Hi, Ursull, I wish I read your article a week ago, before our newest baby got here. I didn't find any rhythm, but neither did I check for it. I'll try next time.

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Your Sim baby needs - food
February 15, 2002 - by Ursull S. Swims

Feeding your baby while not being sure whether it is still hungry, is something all parents have experienced. Let´s share some basic knowledge about the baby's meal.

A baby is a complex creature, just like the rest of us, with many qualities and needs. We can't always tell what the baby is in need of at the moment, and I'm sure many parents spend hours on giving the baby something it doesn't need at all.

In 3 articles I want to focus on the baby's 3 main needs; food, fun and sleep. I think it would be great if all experienced parents out there in SimCity could share their knowledge about the Sim babyhood. If you have not yet raised your own baby, you will find some advices here which might come in handy some day.

When should you feed it?
About babies, one thing is for sure; when they want something to drink they will let you know! What might surprise you is that this happens quite regularly and the baby often wants the milk according to a specific time rhythm. You will need to make notes to learn it as it will be individual, but basically there will be 3 meals per 24 hours, meaning the meal can be every 8 hours. This varies, so pay attention, I will help you with finding the baby's rhythm in a later article.

You can't tell from the crying whether hunger is your baby's most urgent need, but most babies will wake up because they are hungry. Starting the baby watch with some milk will never be wasted, but after that first bottle, you will need to find out what is needed to satisfy that adorable little baby of yours.

How much?
You want your baby to grow up, right? Ok, so it needs lots of food to be able to burst out of that cradle within a few days. And that tiny body sure can drink a lot! Unless you know your baby's needs, don't ever stop after just one bottle of temperated milk! My 3rd child had 3 bottles for most of her meals, that's quite a lot though. A baby will normally drink 2 bottles per "baby-watch", but babies are different, so you must always be prepared to feed it even more.

Listen carefully, and if the baby gives a belch when you put it back into the cradle, it's had enough milk for now. If you then feed it again, it will cry while you do so, and probably you will put it back into it's cradle quite soon - wasted time and energy, in other words. But some times the belch is very quiet, if your radio or TV is on, you might not hear it. And, although I've been doing a lot of research on this, I still don't know if there is a difference between the quiet and loud belch.

Preparing the meal and boiling the bottles
This is one of the many priviledges we Sims have - we don't need to fix every single detail! The green cradle comes with 20 bottles of milk, temperated on a special Dimtech Ultra forced electronic Simitronic milk warmer. It's all in there on the shelf underneeth your baby's maddrass.When it's feeding time, simply reach out for it!

What makes this system special is that it also gives a little heat to the baby's bed, so you don't need to worry if the cradle is standing in a cold room or in the garden. The temperature stays mostly the same inside the cradle.

If you are a Sim who adores to wash and cook milk bottles, please go ahead, but make sure to turn the light out first, because you would not like anyone to watch you.

The photo in this article shows my husband, Crawl, feeding our latest daughter, Squirly.