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I hear future voices in my sleep!
July 23, 2004 - by Mollie MacAstral, clairvoyant

Peace! You might know I had some dreams where I saw pictures and clips from the future! Well, now I wake up at night hearing voices! Scary voices, happy voices - all from the future! Come closer and listen!

I think it is a message from either the Aliens or from us in our future existence! How is that possible? Jing! I don't know, these voices just came to me last night and I feel an urge to share them with you! Of course I understand most of it, but some words are foreign, like in a different dimension! Oh my Similius! IT IS OUR FUTURE!

Sound 1
This I have listened to several times. It is like a nightmare, I have a feeling - it gets very cold in my bedroom, and I feel old... very old... Oh my, is it the voice of Grim Reaper? Ohg my peace! Yang!!!

Sound 2
This one is a much better one, I get a feeling of generations and growing up. Sims careing for each other, motherhood! Yes, that is it, motherhood! Will I become a mother in the future? Will you? Definitely not Grim Reaper!

Sound 3
Finally, these voices make me dream! I hear them when I'm asleep! You can imagine nobody can sleep with such voices in their head! Or in their bedroom! Or in... their head!