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Name: Isabelle Ashfield
Age/Astro: 36/Leo
Occupation: Culinary
Family: Husband and 3 kids, and the cat Miffy
Hood: Sim Parade


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Asian Cuisine!
May 20, 2004 - by guest writer Isabelle Ashfield

Isabelle Ashfield of Sim Parade is a highly respected food writer, contributing to Simmerville web with her series of food related articles. Today she interviews Mia Kong on Asian food.

Sims today have more food options than our ancestors. With migration and global communication we can cook meals from all over the world. We sometimes donít even realise that Asian food is all around us.

Not so long ago our Asian meal options increased when Super Stars came to town. They brought with them sushi. If you have been to Studio Town you should have tried the sushi! It may be expensive but itís worth it.

But what if you canít get to Studio Town? Some catalogues provide Asian food and many other types of international cuisine. Some of these are:

Nightcrawler's Food (SimSanity) 
Sultry Earth

These meals are purchasable through your main catalogue. Some are already cooked others you have to prepare yourself. But believe me itís worth it. They are really delicious and are full of a variety of ingredients.

Asian food has been here for a long time
Hey just because we average Sims didnít cook Asian food until now what about those Asian Sims who came here long ago. Today I talked to Mia Kong. Her parents took herself and her brothers here to Sim Parade many years ago. She talks about how Asian food has been here for a long time.

Isabelle: Hi Mia. Thanks for doing this interview.

Mia: Thatís fine Miss Ashfield. Iím doing this to help Sims realise that Asian food has been available for us Sims a very long time.

Isabelle: Thanks Mia. OK, when did your family first come to Sim Parade?

Mia: Well Iím not entirely sure! I came here around 40 years ago. My parents decided to move from Asia as my father had business opportunities here. He set up a company making boats.

Isabelle: Wow thatís so long ago! What do you remember about the food?

Mia: My mother loved the kitchen. She was so worried when we moved here. She was afraid that she couldnít get the right ingredients for all her recipes. Well she was right. There was nowhere to get fruits and vegetable unless they were potatoes and cabbage! Luckily my mother brought some over but they couldnít last. We met other Asian families in the same situation so we grew our own vegetables and spices. We got the seeds from a box father brought to Sim Parade. And to earn my money back we sold the left over vegetables to other Asian families.

Isabelle: Wow Mia. So did you as a child ever cook?

Mia: Of course! With the lack of ingredients my mother only cooked simple meals like noodles and sometimes spring rolls. So because the meals were simple us kids would always make them! I remember we always used to sit by the pond and dream about all those tastes from our old home. So one day it was motherís birthday. Us kids snuck out and went to the market. Other families had followed our example and grown Asian vegetables and were selling them but they were very expensive. So we put all our money together and bought a sprig of lemon grass. My mother loved it. She planted in on the windowsill and soon we could cook food that tasted like home.

Isabelle: Thatís sounds great Mia. You must be a good cook! So do you still cook Asian food today?

Mia: Yes I do! My children have grown up themselves so now itís just my husband and I. We cook a special Asian meal together every night for dinner. And you know that business my family ran when I was a child. Well my motherís special blend lemon grass paste was a hit! Today my husband and I still run the family business of running an Asian food store. Now we sell everything from lemon grass paste to lemon grass and even soymilk!

Isabelle: Wow the history of Asian food in Sim Parade goes way back and Asian food is still thriving today. Well thankyou Mia Kong for letting me interview you on Asian Food.

Mia: Thatís Ok Miss Ashfield. Oh would you like to try some food?

Isabelle: Yes please!

Well that was my interview with Mia Kong. I hope this article has let you learn something new about Asian food in sim Parade and the rest of Sim City actually. Maybe next time you chose your meal look for something Asian!