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Name: Isabelle Ashfield
Age/Astro: 36/Leo
Occupation: Culinary
Family: Husband and 3 kids, and the cat Miffy
Hood: Sim Parade


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Kiddie Food
April 16, 2004 - by guest writer Isabelle Ashfield

Isabelle Ashfield of Sim Parade is a highly respected food writer, contributing to Simmerville web with her series of food related articles. Today she gives you some great advice on what food to serve children.

In a recent article I discussed how the choice of venue and food could influence a date. I hope it helped you on your quest for love. But today Iím going to talk about family food. I know kids canít eat Downtown but how about a meal in Old Town or in Magic Town? 

I have 3 kids of my own and because they are the kids of a chef they are extremely fussy when it comes to food. Getting them to eat out of the home usually means burgers or pizza. But thereís lotís of different foods out there kids can try and today Iím looking at a few.

My two girls simply love those fruit smoothies that originally came when Sim Parade went Superstar. I also think they are a great snack for kids considering that they are made of healthy fruit! The price may be a little too large for most families but we consider them a treat every Family Day.

As we live near the water in coastal area seafood is very popular in Sim Parade. I personally love the shrimp sticks you get in Old Town. Seafood contains ďOmega 3Ē so I think they are pretty good. These are my husbandís personal favourite out of the house snack. 

If youíre a bit of a sweat tooth like me going out is a chance to indulge in shopping, a cappuccino and a pastry. I work all the time so just relaxing in a café with coffee and a pastry is really relaxing. The price is also great for those like me who live on a budget. My favourite pastry has to be the one filled with banana custard.

Ice Cream
And last but certainly not least is the ice cream. Itís a lifesaver! After dragging the kids round the Old-Town markets buying vegetables getting them an ice cream means that when we go to the gift shop and café they might just be quiet and calm down! It also means that on those hot days at the beach there is a kid-friendly way to cool down instead of those bar drinks. My son personally loves the Chocolate ice cream.

These are just a few ways to tantalise your taste buds while you're out of the house. Just remember to try new things and give a little diversity to your diet.

Picture 1: My kids Mitchell and Chantelle eating meals off the food table in Old Town.
Picture 2: My son Mitchell eating pastries.