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Body Shop

Body Shop will allow hoods to create new sim physics for use in our future 3D world. Old 2D sims can not be transferred to 3D, but the most successful doctors can create good replacements.

The treat will allow adjustments to hair, body textures and even clothing patterns. In addition to all the designing of skins, clothing, and cosmetic options, you can also customize facial features using 50 different modifiers.

Body Shop surgery will affect visual elements only. Personal traits and DNA will not be included in the operation.

The Body Shop surgery concept is expected to be available May 10th at Maxis.

Create a Simmervillian!
As part of a project, Body Shops nation wide will be invited to create the physique of 5 simmervillians! This far both Bimbo NL and Ursull Swims have volunteered for the project, and 3 more will be ready before this project starts in May. Individual photos and facts will be provided, and anyone running a Body Shop clinic will be welcome to participate. Simmerville will post more about this in May.

Body Shop - our future physique
March 27, 2004 - by Claire Brybrey

At a recent conference about our new dimension *), scientists discussed the sim-bio physique codes. A nation wide physical mass creation seems to be starting this Spring! Is your neighbourhood ready?

We don't know for sure how the new dimension will appear, but we know enough to draw pretty clear assumptions. The Maxis team scientists have impressed us all with their interesting discoveries on the subject.

In this article I want to focus on the physical changes. What will happen to each sim's body? We had no idea that our current existence is limited to 2 dimensions, but the recent reveal of the Simmish Prophecy gave us new knowledge. Sometime rather soon a dimension that was taken from us some time in the past is expected to be returned. This will definitely affect our bodies, our looks and even our movements!

We are all filled with both fear and excitement!

Our new dimension
Before the Maxis scientists' recent discoveries, a common question was whether the new dimension will add to our bodies or only to our environment. In a way the sim body is already having one more dimension than our environment, so we tend to believe that the extra dimension might mainly affect our surroundings like houses, furniture, gardens, cars and more. But still, a sim's body will need to get prepared for these new surroundings and learn to interact with them. We have forgotten what it feels like to sit on a 3D chair, and nobody know for sure if our current physics would survive from being hot by a 3D car. Also, we are now used to eat 2D food, something our bodies will obviously need to adjust in order to survive.

Scientists all over the nation conclude that any sim who like to take advantage of the new dimension will need to go through a physical surgery. It might sound risky, but the alternative seems even worse: Being left behind in the 2D world when all your friends steps forward into the new future.

Body Shop - your new  surgery clinic
At the conference it became clear that even if we don't yet know when the new dimension is to be added, hoods can start preparing the transmission ahead of the event. Maxis scientists have developed a safe medical method for creating our bodies. Technically the method is completely painless because you will not be physically involved at all. Instead the creation can be based on your photos and statistics. You ought to be available during the process, to assure that your new body will be a true copy.

It will of course be possible to request a few individual improvements, too, that is why we refer to the operation as surgery. If you are not happy with your current nose or eyes, this will be a once in a lifetime opportunity to have your attributes adjusted. And let's stress that there is no such thing as a perfect nose! Being true to your origin might be wiser than to order a nose that you think others would applaud.

Testsims have reported that when you are completely recreated you will just feel like "a shade was removed from your eyes, brain and heart". This makes us believe that being transferred into an upgraded 3D body might also affect our minds, but more about minds, DNA and life goals in a later article.

The Body Shop concept is ready, and it will be available May 10th. It's recommended that a local sim with experience from the medical career is put in charge of the Body Shop activities. The Hood Council should of course be involved too, assuring all locals get an equal offer. SimCity hospitals will offer assistance on technical questions but the job has to be done by each hood.

*) Conference for sims working with science and medicine, no human attended.

Photo: Testsims after visiting expert doctors at the Body Shop Clinic.