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Simmerville got a Golden Star Award!
March 19, 2004 - updated March 26, 2004 - by Bimbo NL

March 20th the very first Golden Star Awards gala took place over at Simborough. Simmerville won the "Best Community Website" category! Just before I rushed off to the airport to attend the huge event, I asked Mr Troy, head manager, to reveal some details to us all.

Here is a great report from the gala event, including all the winners!

I must say I am normally quite calm when it comes to this kind of events and celebrity crowds - I mean when you've been to one you've been to all. But this time it's different, in fact the Golden Star Awards is one of the most exciting events I ever attended! Not only is Simmerville on the long list of nominees, but I will sip champagne and mingle with top celebrities all weekend! Well, it's not that big, but... I CAN'T WAIT - YAAAAY!!!

In order to share my excitement, I asked the happening's head manager, Anthony Troy, to reveal some details to us all.

Is this the first time Simborough is hosting the Golden Stars Awards? 

Yes, this is the first time the Golden Stars Awards have been held anywhere. The Prime Minister and I were trying to thinkof ways to establish new links, ways to promote Simborough and ways to promote and acknowledge these new stars. We came up with the awards. The Awards are being held on Sat night and although there won't be live coverage there will be edited footage available early next week. 

How many celebs/nominees will attend the events?

We don't have an exact number currently as some sims seem all over the place with their arrangements. If all the nominee's attend with their guests there will be over 40! Getting them all together on one lot shoudl surely be interesting! 

Where will the gala take place? Where will the superstars stay?

The Awards take place in a specially erected Hall. We are hoping to keep this hall open after the awards for future events...hopefully the awards again in a years time!! Most of the celebs will actually be living on seperate lots....keeping them apart makes it more difficult for paparrazzi and safer for security as they won't all be in one place at one time...apart from the awards that is. 

Could u say anything about how the voting procedure worked out? 

The voting procedure worked out really well. We had over 500votes and it has been very, very close within some catergories...especially best looking male and female. In other's one nominee has shone. 

About the web coverage, what should sims expect to find about the event? 

There will be a page devoted to the awards, the guests, the speeches and most importantly the pictures. This should be up early next week.

Thanx Ant, and good luck to all my favourites! Oh... to all the nominees!