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Name: Isabelle Ashfield
Age/Astro: 36/Leo
Occupation: Culinary
Family: Husband and 3 kids, and the cat Miffy
Hood: Sim Parade


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Throwing a Dinner Party!
March 4, 2004 - by guest writer Isabelle Ashfield

Isabelle Ashfield of Sim Parade is one of the clever food enthusiasts who contributed with lectures for the Food Expo 2003. Now she is back with a new series of food related articles. Today she gives you great advice for your dinner party.

Having a nice meal and some adult conversation is a great way to celebrate or just hang out with friends. But how can you make that next dinner party extra special?

My good friend Leila Bernard recently had a baby. So she decided to throw a dinner party. As the good friend that I am I offered my assistance in the cooking and choice of food. There are lots of things you need to take into account before you even start to invite the guests. Some of these areÖ

Choosing a food and décor theme can set the mood for the evening. Some include Western, Oriental, Classy and Water. The theme also includes music so before guests arrive turn on your stereo or jukebox and put it on your preferred station for the theme. For instance you wouldnít be listening to Latin at a Western party.

Cooking Order
Who will cook the food and how are you going to fit it in without leaving your guests? Well you could cook a simple meal for all from the fridge. But I believe a great party food idea is using the table of food available in the catalogue or buying individual meals available from places like Around The Sims and Ines Bakery.

Who will pay for all this? If you live on a budget wait until the bills are paid or you receive money from an investment. Spending your pay on a dinner party may cost you a visit from the Repo Man unless those bills are paid. Never, I say never ever, ask a guest for money! It is very rude and anyway youíre throwing this dinner party to show them that you are a true friend. Friends donít ask each other for money.

Eating Area
Those who live alone or with a partner donít always have huge dining tables. For a dinner party you might need to upgrade but if you sell it less than 24 hours after you bought it the table wonít cost you a thing. Itís sort of like renting it. Some people have a pool or a pond so if itís a hot summers night eating outside on a balcony or patio is a great idea.

Food Choice
At last we get to the food. Knowing all your guests allergies and if they donít eat certain things can help in the smooth running of a dinner party. Having vegetarian options and food without nuts, eggs etc. can mean the difference between happy and unhappy guests. If you canít cook ten different meals then just cook 1 big meal without foods others are allergic to.

I hope these tips make you dinner party run smoothly. A dinner party is meant to be about making friends so try and keep those guests wanting more. By the way if you are wondering about Leilaís party it went without a hitch. She chose classy as her theme.

Picture 1: Eating away at the table.
Picture 1: Talking with the hostess in the kitchen.