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This photo was taken at one of Jess Mess' cool parties.
Ms Websimtress meets Ms Greatest Fan
February 26, 2004 - by Bimbo NL & Messy Jessie

This January Simmerville had visitor number 500.000, and this month it's been 2 full years since we started. How about a different interview to celebrate? Read the websimtress and the website's greatest fan interviewing each other!

Yo Jessie! 2 years ago Simmerville web opened, and you have been one of our most supporting fans for most of that time! It's nice to finally meet you! Are u ready for the interview?

Hi SimNation! My name's Jess Mess, friends call me Messy Jessie. Yes, I'm a bit nervous but bring it on! By the way, would you mind if I interview you as well?

Oh no! Some sims did suggest me for the "My typical day" series, but I refused to share all those details from my life. But if I can interview our greatest fan, I guess I should allow our greatest fan to ask  me some questions, too.

Okey; here we go: What kind of a sim are you, Jess?

Guess what ? I suggested you for the "My typical day" article too ! Oh... you asked my first question! 

I inherited of a §150.000 modern and cool house with Japanese influences. I work in the Law Enforcement career track, as a Patrolwoman, but I'm hoping to get promoted soon. I'm a Libra. I don't have a family, so every Family Day ( fifth day ), I have a big party with all my neighbours, some Townies and even sometimes Drew Carey. I sometimes throw parties on work-days, because I feel very lonely... By the way I am still single. ; )

So Bimbo, tell me how did you get the idea of making a website?

It wasn't my idea at all... now, here is a secret to reveal, the very first webmaster was actually not I but Jim Sweetheart, my house mate. We moved to Simmerville together to share a house after completing our studies, and Jim was the one who wanted to create this website. He soon left the project, but when I started the site was already established. Basically I think the site was initiated by the Hood Council, back then they were Simbille Ballong, steve Grumblin and BB Hanssen.

Now I wonder, can u recall how u found Simmerville or why you bookmarked it and returned?

I was feeling bored surfing on the official SimNation site, so I decided to look for a specific hood's site. They all seemed boring, but then when I was about to give up, I saw Simmerville and I thought "That's an original name ! Why isn't our hood called that? [ I live in New Sim City ]. And once the page had loaded, I was speechless! It was wonderful ( and still is ; ) ). So I've been coming back every day. That's why I blame you, Bimbo No Brain Loveless for making me a Internet addict ! And I'm not the only one that likes this site: Simmerville has had 500.000 visitors in only 2 years ! That's got to prove that it's the coolest hood ever.

Bimbo, how does it feel to be in the Superstar Insider and to interview so many cool people?

Well, that story that u possibly refer to from my visit to Studio Town was rather embarrassing on my part. I tried to stop that cover, u know they really believed I was related to Ms Monroe! Mingling with super models is cool, but I had absolutely no plan on becoming a model myself, so I turned down all the offers I got. I had just started my journalism career, seriously.

I love interviewing all those cool sims though! Finding that so many sims are having clear and specific goals in their lives really makes SimNation a much more interesting place to live. It's just - cool, u know!

Now, Jess, I'm not the only sim contributing to Simmerville. Do you remember any particular article or feature that caught your interest during Simmerville's first 2 years?

I loved the Food Expo ( I'm a very good cook myself, that's one of the reasons that my parties are the place to be on Family Day!). Johanna was great and the lectures really inspired me... I also like the SIMLOOK and AstroLOVE projects, there might be something like that happening in my hood one day. I also love the very new Builds and Bills agency, I liked helping my neighbours design their houses, by inspiring myself of the MegaStarter for example.

How do you make enough time to interview lots of people ? How did you celebrate Christmas? Tell me more about you.

Well, being a journalist means you get to meet a lot of those sims as part of your work, so I still have time for a trendy life outside the Simmerville web. But of course, I will always need to keep my eyes and ears wide open, u know, to trace any news out there in the hood.

I kinda don't feel like focusing a lot on myself, but basically I'm into trends, parties, style and cool music, I'm single, and I celebrated Christmas with my parents and sister at 2 Rosewood, not far from Simmerville.

What do u think sims and humans have in common, if anything.

They have lots of things in common, like needing friends to be happy or even needing to go to the toilet after a big meal. I wouldn't like to be a Human because they get wrinkles and become less active when they become older, while we Sims just get more skilled and in Human world people always get judged on how they look. 

What do you think of the SIMLOOK and AstroLOVE projects ? Do you think it's cruel?

Cruel, cruel... I thought you said cool... Well, I found the SIMLOOK project extremely interesting in the beginning, but u see those reports meant a huge work load on me and when the project dragged out I wasn't so fond of it anymore.  I don't think those testsims do suffer, so it wasn't cruel on them, but on me. So yes, I think it was cruel but not cool, hah.

Is there anything u would wish to see more of or something you are missing that u think would benefit Simmerville web?

Mmmmh... That's a hard one... Maybe more tips about having lots of friends ( 1/4 kid hasn't got any friends ) and a cool house... But it's so cool already that it doesn't really matter !

Do you get on well with all the other sims on the website (Ursull Swims, Claire Brybrey...)? What do you think of MacAstral's predictions ?

Hey, that was two questions instead of one! I frequent some of the others, but not all. Some of us are living very different lives, so I don't really see why we should be best friends just because of this site. Everyone has their own section or limited jobs, so I think most see the website like a job more than a social thing, u know. About MacAstral's predictions, I'm not a believer, to put it in short. But because many of our readers are devoted to the future, I must give her dreams and prophecy some attention.

Great to finally meeting you, Jess. You know your feedback has always been a great inspiration. We'll stay in touch!

Thank you, Bimbo... I hope 2004 will be even better than 2003 for Simmerville.