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Britani Jacobs: A New Starlet!
January 21, 2003 - by guestwriter Stacie Shultz

She’s from New Jersey and known by her friends as…well…Jersey. Still, this 20-year-old fashion major who works as a bartender by night would like to be known internationally throughout Sim Nation as Britani Jacobs, the name she was born with.

As most of you can see, Britani is another blonde trying to make it in the entertainment business and it seems like overnight, she has. 

It was mid-November when Britani applied for a spot as Ian Heart’s love interest in his video for “Here I Am”. When she found out she won, she was speechless. “I swear, I had no idea that he would be interested in me. I just sent a picture and told them why I should win and amazingly enough…I won!” Britani laughs as she tells us about her shining moment.

Still, it wasn’t until a few weeks later, when she ran into Ian’s manager, Kiely Darren, that she found she actually had a chance as a singer. “Kiely came over to my apartment to help me with my exam since we are about the same age and then, she heard me singing while I was washing my clothes, weird I know, but then she said I should look into making a demo,” She tells us. 

So, Britani got back together with Ian about two weeks later in London, and the two made a demo of a song the two wrote together called “Just What I Need”, which is ironically her first single from her debut album: “BJ” out in stores January 23, 2004. Britani sent the demo off and she was able to impress MASC (Music Association of Sim City) Records. A few weeks later, she was Sim Nation’s newest rising starlet.

So, here are the questions we asked her as she sat down with us in her home town of Salem, New Jersey and the answers she gave us. Be prepared…she’s not the ordinary pop star…

Hello, Britani!

- Hi, Stacie!

What is one thing you would change about yourself if you could?

- My height. I’m like 5’9 and sometimes taller than guys I date and that gets really annoying sometimes because I really don’t want to be the one bending down to kiss them or looking weird when we’re dancing or anything. *laughs*

Why did you decide to go with the flow and take Kiely’s advice?

- Just the thought of being able to become the next big star, the possibility, it was overwhelming and I knew if I didn’t go with her advice the guilt and “what if” would haunt me for the rest of my life. Not to mention, if I did make it I could shop till I drop…sorta joking there! *laughs*

Where do you want to do a tour and when do you expect to do one?

- The number one place I want to tour is Greymount because my idol lives there and it seems like a really nice place. I think we are planning on going on tour in February. At the moment, I have no person to tour with so if you want…contact me. *laughs again* 

What is your position on the Ian Heart/Gin Hart case going on at the moment?

- Well, I think you shouldn’t assume someone did something to someone else unless you know for sure they did. I mean, what if something else happened. What if it was not a bit there fault? What if you are making the biggest mistake of your life by blaming him? I mean, no, I don’t know Ian as well as some people, but I do know he would never do anything to harm her. He really did like her. He actually told me she was a pretty and bright lady and he wouldn’t mind working with her again. Seriously, this man would so not hurt Gin in any way.

Are you dating anyone?

- Yes, I am dating someone…a special person to me.

Is that “special person” Ian Heart?

- Yes, it is. He’s so amazing, and I wish some certain other people could see that, but some people just aren’t able to see through his “superstar” alter ego. 

When did you two begin dating?

- We began dating a few days before the video shoot. He asked me on a date and we hit it off really well and then he asked if I would mind to make it a usual thing, seeing each other…dating as a couple. Those were his exact words. 

Do you think they should press charges against him?

- Not unless they are 150% sure it is Ian who is involved in her disappearance. 

Do you want to do other things besides singing?

- Yeah, I really wouldn’t mind acting nor modeling. By the way, I am modeling for a fashion line by Amandah Reel. The ad is coming out soon and I am so, stoked. 

Who is your idol?

- Alisa Crawston. She’s so beautiful and talented. Everytime I see her perform I just think “Damn, that girl has got everything. I wanna be up there having that much fun having people sing along with me. I want to be a star like her”. That’s one lady I would love to meet!

What was it like in Salem?

- It was…odd. I mean, the people are cool, but in a way, I like New York better. 

Why are you majoring in fashion and what made you become a bartender?

- I am majoring in fashion, because I have always loved clothes, shoes, everything! It’s so cool to me. I became a bartender because it was the only place hiring in New York and they were desperate so they hired a 20 year old girl, one entire year below the allowed age. Plus, the pay is good.

What is your advice to others that want to be stars as well?

- I think they should have guts and ask stars for help to break into the biz. They should also hold their head high when they think there is nothing to do buy cry and carry on. See what happened to me? I mean, I didn’t even ask to be discovered and I was. Don’t just sit there and wait for the opportunity to come to you, but live life and fate will totally send you a sign if you are meant to be or not.

Thank you, G’day!

- YOU’RE WELCOME! *laughs, smiles, hugs me, Stacie*

So there you have it, Sim Nation’s newest Starlet, Britani Jacobs. If you would like to preorder a copy of her freshman album: “BJ” e-mail: