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Friends! My name is Mollie MacAstral, I will provide you with a series of New Age related articles here on the Simmerville web. I have worked with several New Age related themes for nearly 20 years, including offering palm readings and astrological consultation from a purple bus in Simmerville's Old Town.

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Were you ever abducted?
What is your story if you ever were abducted by aliens? Please post here.
Contributions will be included in a late January article.
UFO observed last night!
January 10, 2004 - by Mollie MacAstral

Last night an UFO was observed in the Simmervillian Forest! See the first UFO picture here, and let me know if you ever were abducted by aliens!

If you read this article, you probably already know about the old Simmish prophecy and that Simmervillians are currently preparing a military operation in order to protect us from Aliens. Last night there was an UFO observation!

The reports are pretty weak, but the hobby researcher, John Klubber, managed to take one picture of what I believe is an UFO observation. UFO means Unidentified Flying Object, but in this case I think we all believe there were Aliens onboard. This might be a single spy ship locating, meaning that the attack might start in only a few weeks!

Alien abductions is one of my favourite subjects. I think this has been ignored for so long, and I plan to write an article on this to be released in a few weeks (if I'm still able too). If you were ever abducted by aliens, please send me your story, and friends, you should not be afraid to be mistrusted, I know a lot about these things and I promise you that it will be a serious presentation. You can use a fake name if that makes you feel safer.

In a couple weeks we all might be abducted! I think it's time we all learn more about what it will include.

Friends! This is how I would imagine an alien abduction (18.9M)