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Transformation TS2 (part 1)
Follow Simmerville's "TRANSFORMATION TS2"
PART 2 - Entering "Modern Times"
7. CAS clinic PENDING >>
8. Training Center PENDING >>
9. Skills & Relations PENDING >>
10. Old houses rebuilt PENDING >>
11. New houses built PENDING >>
12. Security PENDING >>

This huge operation and report is split in two parts. Part 1 - Leaving Old Days, and Part 2 - Entering Modern Times. 
In each parts there will be linked files and articles after the pages have been released. There will be too much content to highlight it all on Simmerville's frontpage. Instead, each report's links will be listed in the left side column of the report, see UPDATES below.


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Transformation TS2 (part 2)
August 5, 2004 - by Juliana Valentino, Simmerville Spokes Sim

The scientists agree; the old Simmish Prophecy will come through this Autumn, any hood accepting the future will be transferred into a new dimension! Join us as Simmerville prepares for "Transformation TS2" - our biggest project ever!

This is part 2 of Simmerville's ongoing operation "Transformation TS2". If you did not come here from the Part 1 page, you might like to go there to read the introduction.

Entering Modern Times

We just completed 6 steps of leaving Old Days (also known as the "flat world"). When we proceeds with step 7, the 3rd dimension has been delivered, aging is back, and we do hope that The SimCity Grand Transformation Office did keep their promise and that we can still reach them to get access to all the information we saved before leaving the old hood.

In this part of the operation the Testsims are more important than ever. It's now their job really starts as they will be first to deal with each of the following steps. Even when we forget to mention it, the Testsims will normally be sent ahead to test a featire or general conditions.

STEP 7. The CAS clinic

Before a Sim can move into any hood in the future, that Sim must see the doctors at the CAS clinic. The process is actually an addition to the work done by the Body Shop clinic (step 4). Thanks to the notes, the CAS clinic will know which recreation to import, and what personality etc to go with it.

But, this clinic is a lot more advanced than the Body Shop clinic. In here you will be choosing from a lot more hairstyles and accessories, and although each Sim will be able to change most of this at home, it will be recommended to at least find a more decent hairstyle if the Sim is not comfortable with the first recreation result.

Children not already being recreated will be created at CAS. According to the notes (step 5), the older children will be given a rapid growth turning them into teens.

As part of the stay the families will be set up, family ties will be defined, to make sure those who were married in tOld Days will still be married when arriving the Modern Times. Even out of household relatives will be registered, so it is highly recommended to start with the families that cover several households.

TODO: In Simmerville we decided to split the Sims in 3 teams:
A. Testsims will be first to be visiting the CAS clinic. As soon as they are ready they will go on to the training center, Testville (step 8).
B. Families living in more than one household will be visiting the CAS clinic next. This team will be prepared in CAS while the Testsims are in Testville. These families are the Mervils, Gobelins and Light/Parrot.
C. The remaining households (the majority). This group will visit the CAS clinic while the B team Sims have headed for Testville.

START: September 17

CLOSE: October 15


STEP 8. Training center (builds)

All households should be offered the obligatory stay in the Training Center hood before they move into the main hood. So, one of the first things we will do is to reserve a hood for this purpose, and start building small temporary homes that the families can use during their stay.

This will be our first building experience in the Modern Times, and although the constructions shouldn't be impressive, it might be useful to play around a little just to learn about the building tools and possibilities.

A good thing about building after the transformation, is that a house is not restricted to a certain address. Say you want everyone to live in a similar house in your Training Center, then just build the house once, and duplicate or reimport it as many times as you like. Each time you will need to find enough free space to put it down. Later on, when you find houses offered in catalogues, they can be placed exactly where you like, as long as there is enough free ground. And if a household like to move to another corner of the hood, they can actually bring the house! This will of course be a nightmare to hood planning, because if you assign an area for higher class families, you wouldn't allow a poor family to move their little house in there just because there is a pree spot. Now, would you?

The Training Center hood should also have a low standard community lot providing only food and gifts. This will give your construction team a chance to check out the community lot features before moving on to build them in the main hood.

TODO: In Simmerville the Training Center hood will be called Testville (familiar to most Old Days Simmervillians). Testsims that will be the first to live in Testville, will be testing out Builds & Bills' "Simmerville Mega Starter 2B" or "Not2B" (2 stories/1 story). This house will be a copy of the Mega Starter success back in the Old Days.

START: September 17

CLOSE: October 30


STEP 9. Skills and relations

There are reasons to believe that everyone entering Modern Times will have forgotten their skills. This makes sense because the knowledge from a "flat world" wouldn't be of much value in a three dimensional world. We won't be able to give each Sim the knowledge level they are used to, but thanks to the notes (step 5) we will know which kind of skills they used to have.

The same goes for in household relations and their career. We can't reactivate those relations and job levels, but we will know what they used to be.

At the Training Center the goal will be to build skills and in-household relations as much as possible in 3 days. Sims with the fortune aspiration might be glad to know that the stay is of only of 3 days, because of the low standard. Building non-household relations is not recommended because those relations will most likely be reset when the household will be moving to the main hood, after completing the 3 days of training.

The training is also meant to include tasks like getting used to new elements like modern kitchen equipment, tv and not the least - communication. A small shop will be near by.

While staying in Testville the household must make arrangements for their new home in the main hood. If the house is of historical value, it might already be built by the local operation team. If there is no such traditional or communal aspect involved, the household must have their main home constructed or look up any available houses in the catalogues.

TODO: Sims in Testville will have priority only during the stay of team A and team B. When team C will move into Testville, the focus of the operation "Transformation TS2" will be at the mainhood, Simmerville.

Team A. Testsims will be first to stay in Testville. In addition to read up and build relations, they will also test the community lot and test more household items than the other teams will. They will be testing Builds & Bills' "Simmerville Mega Starter 2B" or "Not2B" (2 stories/1 story). After 3 days they will move to Simmerville to test and assist various aspects of the local proccess.

Team B. The large families and families living in historical homes will move to Testville as soon as team A moves out. They will then move to Simmerville and family relations accross households will be established.
Team C. The remaining households will be moving into Testville as soon as team B leaves for Simmerville. Their stay in Testville will drag out some, because of the more activities going on in Simmerville. 

START: September 20

CLOSE: November 20


STEP 10. Old houses built (mainhood)

This step can actually start when you start step 7, but the main focus will be after the Testsims are done in the Training Center and move in to the mainhood.

This is when the all over planning is important, any adjustments to the old hood will take effect now. Selecting the terrain and decide the location of the community lots might be the most importent in the early process. 

As soon as the community lots have been zoned, step 9 should focus on three kinds of builds:

  • Historical builds, both communical and residental
    It would make sense to start building those historical housess that you planned to copy from the Old Days hood. Look up those house plans and photos, and get started. Allow a few improvements, nobody claimed the old houses to be perfect. This should be done as soon as you get familiar with the building tools.
  • Community lots
    You can build temporary community lot facilities, or just leave most of them as "under construction" lots. At this stage it might be important that Sims moving in can buy food and gifts, and eventually some place to hang out, but clothing, games, books and such is not important right now. Sims moving in directly from the Training Center will not expect luxurious stores on their first day. The exception is of course when historical builds are on community lots.
    Note that community lots should also include the builds and offices needed by the Hood asministration. A Town Hall with offices and a large hall for community events might become useful!
  • Temporary small homes for Testsims and others
    This is least important because according to most contracts the Testsim will not be in charge of demanding any specific standard, so they don't need much of a house. Besides, you can always import the small houses you built for the Training Center.
Also note that in the Modern Times the ownership to a lot will no longer be strictly connected to a particular address, but more to the right to use that lot size wherever it is located. This means that most any build can be relocated within the hood. Even so, try to follow a plan when assigning addresses because it might be hard to make all those pieces match if relocation is required.

Step 9's main goal would be to complete the main structure of all all historical houses before the regular residents starts moving in.

TODO: In Simmerville we have decided to reconstruct a few historical communical builds from Old Town, as well as a couple residental houses where families have been residing for many generations. Our intention is to keep most of the old terrain because we expect Sims to like it better if they can recognize the hood from their photos, diaries etc.

We will get our building practice from constructing the Mega Starter houses in Testville, so when the Testsims move into Simmerville, they will still need to live in Mega Starter houses. Besides, many testsims are poor families, and those small houses might suit their budget. Most likely the Testsims' homes will be grouped to keep this low status block separated from the better quarters that will occur.

We plan to complete step 9 before team B leaves Testville (step 8).

START: September 20

CLOSE: October 15


STEP 11. New houses built (main hood)

This step will concern both resifdental homes and community lots. At this stage about a third of the houses might already be erected and resided. You are basically done with the main constructions of historical builds, perhaps the fine tuning and indoor decore remains.

It's now time to pay attention to the households that do not qualify for a historical house, as well as the community lots that are new compared with the old hood. This can either be done by building house by house, or you might import premade houses from other hoods or from the Web.

TODO: In Simmerville we plan to have the remaining households (team C) move in according to their networth. The wealthier households will request larger homes and perhaps better locations, and will have our attention first. Note that historical houses and all community lots are already located, so it might be obvious what will be a "better" address.

We expect several households to start with a minimum networth, and they will be offered smaller homes that we see as temporary, but hopefully better than the Testsim quarter.

START: October 15

CLOSE: November 15


STEP 12. Security

We are not yet familiar with the Modern Times' posibilities of saving personal information and to back-up various data and information. This is a security routine that is a must if you like to avoid loss of residents memory and communical history if the hood gets invaded by bugs. It happened in Old Days, it can happen again.

Take some time getting familiar with the so called file directory system of the technical side of your hood. Decide a propper routine for backing up the data, and make it a habit to do so i.e. evey 5th year (or weekly, according to the Human time reference).

This process should actually start on the first day after the transformation. You will put down a tremendious load of work treating all residents at the CAS clinic, training them in the Training Center hood, building old and new houses in the main hood, besides building their relations. The sooner you learn to back-up all the data, the better!

TODO: In Simmerville we had very bad experience from the Upside Down Face Plague, and therefore the security subject is close to our hearts. Most residents understand why we need to save their private data, and only a couple Sims have refused to hand over their files.

START: September 20

CLOSE: November 15


After completing the local operation "Transformation TS2", what would be more natural than to host a huge Hood Celebration? Arrange for a great party and celebrate that we made it all the way to the Modern Times! Make sure that the Spokes Sim do thank all volunteers, bless the memory of any Testsims (or other Sims) who died during the process, do something extra to cheer up the seniors who might find it bothering that the Modern Times will also include their death!

No automatic conversion is known, the change is completely up to each hood. These days many sims are having their new appearance recreated by local Body Shop clinics. Each sim will need a new physique to enter the 3rd dimension.

The entire Mazaloom district will be affected by the new dimension, and Simmerville's Hood Council strongly recommends all Simmervillians to accept the recreation offer by our local Body Shop clinic and to follow Simmerville. If we all take the huge step together, it will be easier for each of us to go on with our new existence. A scary situation, maybe, but less dramatic if we will bring our family, friends and neighbours. The prophecy promises many improvements of the future but says nothing about the past, so we can not guarantee anything to those who want to stay in the current world.

Here is the local procedure as presented at the community event June 26th.

The Body Shop clinic has sent a request to all households. Fill in as much you can about your personality, interests, skills and physical characteristics, to make the result better. Remember that this is also your chance to slightly change some details, like smaller nose, bigger eyes etc. There will be no extra cost for such minor changes. Major changes will not be accepted.

Our local Body Shop clinic will recreate all residents before September 10th. 5 Simmervillians will be recreated by distant clinics according to the ongoing "Recreate a Simmervillian" project. 

Fees are only §500 per adult and §250 per child.

When you enter the future you will find that you are unemployed. Most likely you will not even keep your skills. We recommend that you choose the same career as of today, but it is of course possible to switch careers. Note that farming and breeding pets might not be an option. 
If changes means a great loss of income, the local Social Security system will look into a way of helping, but only for a limited periode of time. Details will be provided on September 17th.

Your current friendships will not be recognized when you enter the future. Make sure to write down the names of your 3 best friends and we will make sure you get this information upon arrival. In this way you will at least know who to contact to rebuild your friendships. Please be warned that personalities might be slightly different, and your best friends might be a little different, too.

It is important that teens, adults and seniors choose a personal aspiration. The aspiration might make it easier for you to achieve skills and job promotions according to your current interests and levels. You can choose between FAMILY, FAME, FORTUNE, KNOWLEDGE, ROMANCE.

Simmerville will do anything we can to have a copy of your current home rebuilt when you nter the new existence. Please make notes of your current house layout as well as colours, furniture, and other details you would like to keep. Interior as well and exterior. You will not be able to bring anything with you, but after the converting to the new dimension you have the right to keep the same standard and we will do our best to reconstruct your current posessions for no extra cost. This is also your chance to add smaller adjustments. 

If you prefer a new home, just sell your current home before September 17th, and you will be offered a new house of your choice.

We are sorry that you can not take your pet with you to the future. We do expect that pets will be available soon, but no guarantees. Mr. Pet Trainer has agreed to collect all pets in order to have them placed in far away hoods.

To-do list for September 17th:
* Turn out the light inside your home
* Empty all trash cans
* Pay all bills
* Close your phone by selling your phone(s)
* Fire the Maid and Gardener
* Leave your old house tidy and clean
* Go to the Community Hall at 70 Simmerville where we will all gather for final instructions.

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