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Transformation TS2 (part 2)
Follow Simmerville's "TRANSFORMATION TS2"




PART 1 - Leaving "Old Days"
1. Information DONE >>
2. Making notes ONGOING >>
3. Testsims ONGOING >>
4. Recreation of Sims ONGOING >>
5. Individual details PENDING >>
6. Closing homes PENDING >>

This huge operation and report is split in two parts. Part 1 - Leaving Old Days, and Part 2 - Entering Modern Times. 
In each parts there will be linked files and articles after the pages have been released. There will be too much content to highlight it all on Simmerville's frontpage. Instead, each report's links will be listed in the left side column of the report, see UPDATES below.

To-do list when closing home
Step 6 - added Aug 03 2004

Scheme for individual details
Step 5 - added Aug 03 2004

Letter sent to all residents
Step 1 - added Aug 03 2004

Transformation TS2 (part 1)
August 5, 2004 - by Juliana Valentino, Simmerville Spokes Sim

The scientists agree; the old Simmish Prophecy will come through this Autumn, any hood accepting the future will be transferred into a new dimension! Join us as Simmerville prepares for "Transformation TS2" - our biggest project ever!

UFOs have recently been observed in the north, not far from the Simmervillian Forest. That is where we expect them to return the extra dimension that aliens are supposed to have robbed from us when they stopped our aging in the past. The recent observation might indicate that something will happen really soon. Experts say this September, Maxoids even say September 17th. Simmerville takes no risk, we are ready to go through with our thoroughly planned operation, "Transformation TS2". 

Leaving the Old Days

All over Sim Nation Sims will have to decide whether they want to accept the "Modern Times" (future, TS2) or to stay in the good "Old Days" (also known as the "flat world"). Our hood, Simmerville, has accepted to be transformed, which means we will welcome the new dimension. 

But this is not just a simple "yes, we accept". Everything as we know it today will vanish, and all details that we like to recognize in the future have to be  recreated. This includes the hood terrain, houses, furniture, clothing - yes even the residents! Such a major operation do require good planning from the Hood Council and volunteers. On this page you can follow the progress of transforming Simmerville, and perhaps your hood would benefit from a similar plan. Short cuts are provided to the left.

STEP 1. Information

Make sure that all your residents are well informed on what will happen. Expect some reactions as some will distrust your plan, and some might move away. You might even want to run a voting process on whether the hood should accept the new dimension or not. Although the dimension is returned to Sim Nation in general, there are ways to ignore it or at least to delay it. But your hood can not mix the Old Days and the Modern Times, you must make a choice.

If your hood doesn't already have a Hood Council, you should at least elect a committee of Sims staying in charge of the local progress (and it's always good to know who to blame if something goes wrong...)

Also keep in mind that you might need a few Testsims to go through the progress ahead of the rest (step 3).

TODO: In Simmerville the Hood Council sent a letter to all residents a while ago, informing them that the entire Mazaloom district will get transformed. They were told that each household must accept to follow our directions during the full transformation process, or move out. It will not be tolerated that a Sim follow some directions but not all of them.


CLOSE: August 10

RESULT: Nobody has claimed to leave the hood. The FSAS organisation did protest to the female testsims' job, but there is nothing they can do because there are legal contracts.

STEP 2. Making notes

If you like to rebuild your hood after the changes, you should take some notes on the community at large. What kind of Sims lives there? What kind of interests? Which community lots are the more popular, and which are not so good? Is any community service depending on specific items that might not be available in the future? (i.e. collecting local taxes, giving out welfare money, etc.). Some local routines might need adjustments, and the sooner you are aware of them the better.

All these kind of things are important for the rebuild, especially if you like to recreate it all. You might never again be able to check the current community details. So, make notes on residents and what the situation in the hood is like today.

Note: This kind of notes will also be valuable to any Sim who sometime in the future will write your hood's history.

TODO: In Simmerville the Hood Council had several meetings already, and we are working on alternatives to the money transfer systems, what kind of community lots we want, and what parts of the hood is historical and should be preserved for the future. 


CLOSE: August 15


STEP 3. Testsims

Someone needs to be the first to test out the new existence. Testsims will go through the entire process ahead of all the others, and they should be the first Sims to move in after the transformation. Some of their important jobs will be to test Testville, the Immigration facilities, as well as the community lots and houses as they are built. It might be a quite risky job, but these Testsims might also become our future heroes!

TODO: In Simmerville there are already 3 households that used to work as Testsims until we stopped import. They were all contacted. We figured that we will need 3 test teams, and that each lifestage ought to be represented by at least 1 Testsim. We also posted an ad in SimCity Times, which seems to give a good response.

START: August 1

CLOSE: August 15


STEP 4. Recreation of Sims

Families that want to stay in the hood after the transformation, will need to be recreated by a local Body Shop clinic. It is a painless operation, but still quite touchy because their personal appearance might be slightly difference. It's pretty difficult to base a recreation on a mini portrait, and even if you got a good photo it's often hard to create a similar face.

Although some adjustments can be altered upon immigration (the CAS clinic), it is extremely time saving to the total process that as many residents as possible are happy with a new appearance BEFORE seeing the CAS doctors.

We know that many hoods are not having a fully operative Body Shop clinic, and might be looking for assistance. If your Body Shop clinic has free capacity making it possible to assist other hoods recreating some of their Sims, please register below and your service will be offered from this article, including any restrictions you want (Note).
Order a free recreation of your Sim:
Body Shop Contact Note
Mazaloom BS clinic E-mail Only adults and elders, max 5 Sims per order.
Body Shop clinics listed above offer free Sims recreation. The Sim's photo (mini icon) and a brief description is required. Your order will normally be handled within 2 weeks. If they can not handle your order they will return it to you.

TODO: In Simmerville we had each adult recreated first once, then we had them all recreated a 2nd time. Five Sims were even recreated by distant clinics. Each Sim (adults and elders) has now got 2 (or even 3) recreations to choose from. The alternatives will be posted as a community survey on August 15th and anyone who knows that Sim can vote on which recreation they think is best. Some Sims might of course choose either of the two alternatoves, but we are sure that the voting might be to some help to most Sims.

This process is completed when each adult Sim has chosen a recreation. You might like to recreate children as well, but Simmerville has chosen to leave that job to the CAS clinic in order to make sure that children gets their parents' DNA. If there are many adopted children in your hood you might like to have them recreated as part of step 4. In Simmerville they are few and they will be recreated by the CAS clinic like the other children.

START: August 1

CLOSE: August 30 (Testsims August 15)


STEP 5. Individual details

When a household wants to go through with the transformation, it is utterly important that all details are gathered before changes take place. We do not know if our memory will be damaged by the recreation, and if so these note will be extremely useful for looking up details when organizing the new hood. If you can't remember a thing upon arriving Modern Times then you will be happy to know that someone kept your notes! 

Ask each Sim to fill out a form, including name, age, personality traits, interests, skills, job, finances, relations, and eventually a brief bio. Eventually, each Sim could be allowed to choose 3 photos from their family album, which 3 current friendships to keep in the Modern Times, as well as one item or interior detail that is most important to them and they would like to find in their new home if possible. Add more questions to the list as you like.

The oldest household member should add information on any babies/toddlers, and details that concern the entire household and not just one Sim.

In addition adults and elders should choose their aspiration. When they arrive the CAS clinic after the transformation they might be to dizzy or stressed to sort out such a thing. To avoid misunderstandings, it's much better to provide the CAS clinic with the information before the Sim arrives.

If the household wants to move into a similar home, house plans must be enclosed.

To make it easier looking up information later on, you should archive all schemes in a "transformationTS2" folder, and each file name should start with the Sim's last name (i.e. "valentino_juliana.rtf").

The SimCity Grand Transformation Office promise to transfer any information to the CAS clinic, and information will be provided to the Sim you assigned it for. The location of that safe archive that can be reached from both the Old Days and Modern Times is of course top secret (we don't want a burglar from the Old Days to get there before we reach the Modern Times).

TODO: In Simmerville we will follow all points listed above. When it comes to house plans we will claim families living in old houses that are part of Simmerville's history to live in a similar house also for the future. Sims living in rather new houses or not particularly functional houses will be encourraged to order a completely new house in order to reduce the work load after entering Modern Times. They will be able to order the house while spending some days for training in Testville.

Here is the scheme that each Simmervillian is asked to fill in.

START: August 10

CLOSE: September 5


STEP 6. Closing homes

When leaving the Old Days behind, Sims can still be at home, but the homes should be as tidy as possible, and a few details might need to be sorted out. 

Some households might need several days to comlete this check list, especially if they have a huge garden that is not well kept, if they grow vegetables, if their pets are nursing off-spring, or simply in order to get fired from their current job.

It is important that a home is closed as earlly as possible, because if the household spends several days on this step 6, cleaning and watering will need to be redone.

The very last day in the old home might be rather tough on most Sims. But it is important, mentally, to go through this process in order to get ready for and accept the major changes to come! Knowing they will never again wake up in the Old Days might be hard on even the strongest individs. On top of this, none of us will actually be able to guarantee anything concerning the future; Will it be better? Will we ever arrive there safely? Time will tell! What we know for sure is that not only the children will have problems falling asleep that night!

TODO: In Simmerville it is required to go through the full check list. We sent the list to all households together with the general information. We did that because our residents might see consequences that leads to questions or a different planning from them.

Because we have many families here it will take a lot of time to have each household working their way through the list. Therefore we will start step 6 already on August 15.

Here is a copy of the check list that was sent to all households.

START: August 25

CLOSE: September 15



This article continues... We are now all set up for the transformation, click on to find out how Simmerville is doing or to pick up some ideas for your own local "Transformation TS2" operation!.

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