Cit Seaty Ltd

Welcome to Cit Seaty Ltd. - the right store if you are looking to reupholster your seating! Our reupholsters include no hacks, just the plain texture file. Don't always expect superb quality, we also deliver to the not so superb households.
In the works
The plan is to create variety for many of your existing Maxis sofas and chairs. Expect to find one pack per model with several alternatives. The content should be extracted/saved to a new folder: eagames>thesims2>Downloads_simmerville
We hope you won't mind that we make rather big packs. If you find that a pack includes something you don't like, just delete it and keep the rest.
Feb 19, 2006: 3+1 x beddings
Most Sims on a budget do sleep. So do Sims on a budget! Therefore, CitSeaty hands out this great offer - 3 new beddings that are perfect for Sims on a budget! No wait, we added one bonus bedding, too! These files turned out rather big, check back for smaller bedding files in the future...

This pack is available (3.8MB): Download here

Jan 14, 2006: Nofowle Armchair - Recolour Mixes
The Nofowle Armchair by Foam-4-Less is very popular much thanks to a pleasant combination of comfort, looks and price. CitSeaty now offer a large pack of recolours, single colours or combinations. Nobody knows how many alternatives are included in this pack, but expect a few more than you need. The pack might include a couple reupholsters handcrafted by a stand-in worker who got fired on the first day. We removed most of his products, but if some are still in the pack they might be used by Sims who couldn't care less, or you could simply get rid of them.

This pack is available (536k): Download here

Dec 10, 2005: Satinistics Loveseat - Girly Set
The Satinistics Loveseat by Maxis is a cheap and popular sofa. Here is a brand new set of 3 girly fabrics, intended for a child or teenager who is grateful even if the sofa looks very cheap. These 3 colourful alternatives add tons of energy to the room!

This pack is available: Download here

Nov 03, 2005: Satinistics Loveseat - Misc
The Satinistics Loveseat by Maxis is a popular sofa - especially in households on a budget. For just §150 you get a lot of seating. But how about some variation? Cit Seaty Ltd offers 6 upholsters to go with your old sofa. Not too luxurious, but not too bad, either.

This pack is available: Download here

Sep 28, 2005: Keiko
Add a fun and playful feel to your seating experience! The Keiko look is a charming, 50's look ready to embrace children as well as elders. Once you have tried the Keiko look in your own living room you will never again want to reupholser!

The Keiko pack includes the colours blue, green, red, yellow and black and each variation goes with sofa, loveseat and armchair. The required seating by Maxis already exists in your hood.

This pack is available: Download here!