Open a local WTG agency:

Are you tired of rain, rain, rain and rain? Sims of your hood need a vacation! WTG Travels search to expand to your SimCity region and we have built a sample business lot that you can get for free, see below. Alternatively you can download the custom content to open your own location based on our concept. Combined with TV commercials and WTG T-shirts, you will build a success business in no time! Commercials and T-shirts must be downloaded seperately.

The building  contains a main store, a large office for advicing customers, the Flamingo Tiki Bar, toilet and a resting room for employees.

The lot value is §84.569

Download the WTG lot here (3092Mb)

The Store

This is where you sell decoratives from foreign cultures, books, magazines, maps, travelling effects and anything you find suitable. Selling items is useful in order to raise the business rank and increase the traffic. The room is large enough to add a small sofa group with travelling magazines and brochures, or you can arrange for a vacation related exhibition if you like! This photo was taken before the WTG walls and carpet arrived.

The Office

This is the perfect place to advice customers. Sit down on the sofa, invite a customer to join, and move over to your desk as the customer gets seated. Normally you will then have a good conversation about what kind of vacation the Sim is looking for. You can end the consultance offering to sell a WTG certificate to the customer. You can also sell certificates in the store, but we think they should be the only item for sale in this office.

Flamingo Tiki Bar

Your vacation begins at WTG! Our agency includes a small tiki bar where customers can hang out to discuss vacation plans or share memories. Cheap drinks, moderately exotic interior and a friendly bartender makes the stay enjoyable without interferring too seriously with anyone's vacation budget. Remember that your vacation starts with the first idea and it won't end until you forget that you ever went on a vacation...


Custom Content

We hope you can use all these items to bring out our concept. You will get most of them if you download the WTG lot (see left). If your hood has no expansions you might need to extract them to different folders. They are all based on TS2 plain objects, but were created with several EPs installed which might affect compatibility.
WTG wallpapers

This set comes with four variations. Maybe you want to combine them with something else. Our logo should of course be displayed in the agency, but not neccessarily all over the place...
Download WTG walls (4 files)
WTG carpet
Use the plain yellow carpet as a base and add the logo tile for variety. Yo can also use a different flooring, and only use the logo tile at the entrance and in the cashier area, etc.
Download WTG flooring (2 files)
WTG destination info boards
Set of 3 framed info boards, one for each of the 3 main destinations. ("Olive Peynter's City SkyScape" recolour)
Download WTG info boards (3 files)
WTG T-shirts

(not included with the lot) This is basically a PR product because we want our logo to be shown off on every vacation destination there is. Going as a group can be even more fun if wearing a team outfit. Use it for special occasions like short tours. We don't expect you to wear this in a 5 stars restaurant. It comes for m/f all ages from child to elder.

We also recommended that WTG employees wear this T-shirt for concept building. If so, you might like to avoid our walls just behind the cashier and bar.
Download WTG T-shirts (8 files)

WTG certificate
("Route 66" recolour)
Download WTG certificate (1 file)
WTG counters
The counters is actually island objects, and they come in two variations, one yellow plain, another with the WTG logo. The green top is a Maxis standard that goes well with out colour scheme. ("cheap counter" ecolour)
Download WTG counters (2 files)
Save the environment - buy the WTG certificate:

We introduce the WTG certificate

Pollution is a big problem, and going on a far away vacation includes flights and more pollution. WTG Travels introduces the new WTG Certificate to ease the situation!

Each Sim booking a flight must buy a WTG certificate. This is an additional flight tax of §200 per Sim, and 50% of the cost is forwarded to SNUFF (S).

The following routine is recommended:

The certificate is sold as framed wall hanging, at WTG Travels agencies and other business locations. In Simmerville the certificates are sold at the local bus station. Each item must cost §200.

A Sim buys the certificate. When a family is going, they must buy one certificate for each Sim. When friends are invited it is easier if the Sim ordering the vacation buys certificates for the entire group, but it can be done individually and some might already have a spare certificate at home or in their inventory.

After buying the certificate(s) they will rest in the Sim's inventory. To make sure the cost is never refunded (by sale), the Sim must now contact the WTG Travels manager (or local representative) to hand the certificates over as a gift (Bon Voyage or Seasons deal required).

If the WTG Travels manager is active in your hood you will sell/delete any certificates from her/his inventory while he/she is at work. This way the value will not affect the manager's private accounts. If you run the business in detail, you should find a way to pass on §100 per certificate to SNUFF. If the WTG Travels manager is a townie or not so active Sim, you won't need to follow up on the certificates that pile up in that Sim's inventory.

If the WTG Travels agency is actively run (deed holder being active), you will find that random Sims of your hood will bye  the certificate. They can sell it or put it on their study wall for later. Or even pass it along as a gif.

WTG certificate
("Route 66" recolour)
Download WTG certificate (1 file)

Our Environment

Sim Nation scientists are not sure how much a flight damages our environment, but everyone agree that the pollution is present and that it is not a good thing.

WTG Travels like to contribute not only to the economical side of this question by collecting some funds for the SNUFF organisation. By selling the WTG certificates we also like to make Sims aware of the problems the world is facing.

Every Sim needs to be aware of how our actions affects the environment and the future. The Sim planet is not as rock solid as we thought, and we all depend on a healthy planet.

We still encourage Sims to go on vacation, yes even by plane! But our policy includes 5 statements we should all refer to:

When you go on vacation, make sure to have a great time. If not, pollution caused by you would be totally wasted.

When you go on vacation you should stop for a while. Going on two 3 simdays vacations will pollute twice as much as going on one 7 simdays vacation.

Prepare well before you go on vacation. Make a list of some activities you will join, make sure you know why you are going!

Order your flight in advance, avoid last minute decissions. Going on short notice will not only be more expensive, but if everyone order in advance nearly empty flights could be cancelled or redirected more easilly.

Become a SNUFF member! SNUFF stands for Sim Nation Unsafe Forest Foundation.