Regional Weather Forecast

Come rain or shine? Simmerville web is proud to present you with the latest regional weather forecast for the SimCity area! This service started back in the TS1 flat world era.

After the Seasons deal the weather in our area changes more quickly, and this forecast might be valid for half a day only. Check the newspaper or TV for frequent updates.

Today's Weather:

The weather forecast is updated daily, and will be of great help when you plan your day. Please check back tomorrow!
Over the past years Sim Nation has been seeing mainly sunny days. 80% of the days were sunny and warm, only 5% were rainy. The specialists reports that because of climate changes we should expect less stabile weather in the near future. 
Sim Nation's geography secures only occasional wind. Scientists say this will not last forever, already next year they expect a lot more wind in the SimCity area.

Now the same experts say that the winds were not changing as much as they expected. There are still a few days when the chance of wind is higher though, especially in Winter, so you should still take your precautions.

You might already know that Sim weather don't relay to Celsius or Fahrenheit, but Simgrades:

0 Simgrades is considered the average temperature, while less than 20 Simgrades is cold and more than 20 Simgrades is considered as hot. At 30 simgrades a Sim will be in danger, hot or cold.

Hoods that signed the Seasons deal are reporting heavy rain on a more regular basis. Rain every other day will no longer surprise anyone.

Once it rains there is a big chance for thunder and lightning. Do not splash the water poodles during a thunder storm!