Ursull S. Swims
Simmerville, Team C
Updated November 6, 2004 [day 4-5]

Photo of the day Departure

Most looking forward to:
Well, everything, I would say! I think that I am fortunated who am to experience this all! If I survive it, that is! I'm very much interested in the scientific aspect, and I've been involved with the Recreation project.

Least looking forward to:
I'm a bit worried for the children. I mean, we have 4 of them, I might not be able to follow up on each of them well enough in the start. The youngest have been crying in her sleep for weeks, so she will really need us when we arrive.

Top wish at the CAS clinic:
I can't wait to visit the CAS clinic to have my hair redone, *shrug*. By the way, I'm quite happy with my looks, did you know my recreation was done by Kelly? Thank you, Kelly!

In a way I'm glad we are assigned to Team C because my hubby Crawl isn't done with the voting yet.

Photo of the day CAS clinic

It's hard to write anything in general as Crawl's mother died. It made the entire stay a sad memory.

On today's photo we are just gathered after each of us being recreated at the CAS clinic.Adults are Crawl, me, Crawl's parents. Crawl's mother died before we left the clinic, she was very sick. Our lovely children are Squirly (pink), Mathilda (DM) (green), Blubb and Butterfly. Mathilda and Blubb are almost teens. 

Best moment of CAS clinic visit:
As a scientist I found most of the operations extremely interesting. I loved all the clothing options for children, Mathilda, Blubb, Squirly and Butterfly were all thrilled when they got to choose from all those outfits. It was also a big moment to se the children again for the first time. Strange enough, I recognized them right away!

Worst moment of the CAS clinic visit:
No doubt the sad death of Crawl's mother. His father will not stay with us in Simmerville but move back to Rusterwood (county of Appleton), where Crawl was raised.

Now we are off to find our new house. It's supposed to be a copy of the house we left, more or less.

Photo of the day Day 1

The most hectic day this far. We got our house and its location is fantastic. A beautiful view down to the river - much better than we were used to. It's a rebuild of our old house because we wanted the children to feel at home from the very beginning. First story is exactly the same plan, while the bedrooms upstairs are reorganized, mainly because we wanted the two oldest who are now teens to have a little larger rooms.

Best moment of the day:
When we all stood there on the floor and said, "welcome home!". It felt like we had survived the transformation successfully.

Worst moment of today:
-When we realized that we did not have enough money to buy a piano for our daughter Squirly. She is a different child who can be hard to communicate with at times, but who used to love playing the piano for hours. Now she fell in love with a pink outfit with wings, andshe runs all ove rthe house trying to fly.

Photo of the day Day 2

When we realized that children can study almost as adults can, the entire family sat down to study. So, most of our 2nd day was spent on studies. Crawl has no job as of yet, and I got a job in the business track. I'm still looking for something related to medicine.

Best moment of the day:
What mother wouldn't be thrilled to see her children study the subject cleaning for hours? Well, we kept them reading just for a while, then off to playing and homework.

Worst moment of today:
Nothing in particular. Because we didn't give priority to the floors while decorating the livingroom and dining room, we keep getting reminded on this all day long. We have not decided yet what floor cover we like, but I guess it will be something wooden.

Photo of the day Day 3

Visitors again today. Much more giving than to welcome neighbours on the first day when we had our hands full unpacking our goods. Today Chris JB and Angela & Stewart Gobelin visited for lunch. Chris JB used to be our neighbour before TS2, and we were happy to know he lives just accross the lane. He has 2 children who used to play with our children.

Best moment of the day:
Feeling that our guests enjoyed their stay.

Worst moment of today:
Keeping company with the guests while I was actually more eager to train my logics and to look for a medical relevant job.

Photo of the day Day 4
I'm still lookining for a job in the medicine track, politics isn't quite my thing. Why are those jobs so hard to find? 5 job offers online and 3 job offers in the papers should be enough, guess I'm just out of luck.

Best moment of the day:
All our children were accepted for Private School. It was a chaos here while headmaster visited, because my hubby Crawl had invited him while I was at work, and when I returned there was only 1 hour to prepare everything and the house was full of guests. Well, he was a nice guy, even appreciating my spaghetti, *shrug*

Worst moment of today:
Seeing hubby Crawl in that silly Mascot costume. He really misses his job as a mountain climber.

Photo of the day Day 5
I just feel like summing up that the future is great! We are all nicely settled now, only the youngest is still a kid, the other 3 has just entered teenhood. It is very interesting to see how they develop. I never actually realized what we missed back there before the transformation TS2.

Best moment of the day:
Seeing my daughter Mathilda preparing her own dinner just because she was a little hungry.

Worst moment of today:
Seeing my daughter Mathilda leaving her plate on the dining table for me to pick up and clean. OK, she was not as neat as I hoped for.

Ursull S. Swims, Angela M. Gobelin, Johanna Grumblin, Mollie MacAstral and Bimbo NL were the first Simmervillians to be recreated by Body Shop and voted. Now they are ready to transfer into the new world (TS2) together with their families.