Mollie MacAstral
Simmerville, Team B
Updated September 28, 2004 (Day 2-5)

Photo of the day Departure

Most looking forward to:
Holy Yang! It's happening! Finally the dimension is back, and I don't know which leg to lean on! Dang I missed the Aliens. I was some how expecting them to greet me, but I guess they had no time for a personal visit. I am looking forward to see them. I hope they are waiting for us in the new hood! If not I will build a little Strangetown in my backyard to call for them! Peace!

Least looking forward to:
I had to let go of my cats Lucia and Spot! I know they will be taken care of in the better way, but I think they will miss me, too! Now I will live all alone. I don't think I like that.

Top wish at the CAS clinic:
I want another head cloth, but I guess that can be arranged after CAS clinic. About my face, well, it's pretty scary, but I guess it's the way I look. Don't think I will change a lot except the hair cloth... Going to sleep now, next thing I will know is that I'm at the CAS clinic! Oh my Jing! I can feel it's really going to happen!

Photo of the day CAS clinic

Holy peace! This place is more impressing than I expected! Woke up this morning, finding myself in a piure white waiting room at the CAS clinic. I had already seen other locals go into the operation room, and returning with their new 3D body. Wow! Ying! I never expected things to be this excellent!

Best moment of CAS clinic visit:
When I was in the doctor's room and he congratulated me on my job with the old Simmish Prophecy! They knew! We discussed UFOs and Aliens for a while, and the doctor said he knew many Sims in the new world who has been abducted by Aliens. He said I should be careful gazing at them, things would happen if I did. By Yang! Now I want to look for Aliens even more!

Worst moment of the CAS clinic visit:
When I realized the hairdresser saloon had no head cloth at all. Loads of hats and caps, but no hair cloth! They said I should check the local beauty stores. Peace!

Photo of the day Day 1

Holy space! It's been a weirdo day! I was sent to my house, and it looks familiar, but I knew because it's historical and actually the reason why I was on an early team. Played chess a lot, meditated a bit, read up on sci-fi and paranormal subjects.

Best moment of the day:
To buy a telescope, although I couldn't see any Alien.

Worst moment of today:
When neighbour John Stello (testsim) rushed into my home to insult me! He said I had been spying on him! And I that thought I had finally found some strange alien lifeform! He was extremely angry. He obviously thinks he is a boss around here just because he was the very first testsim to arrive this hood! I better avoid watching the sky in daylight!


Photo of the day Day 2

Ok, say something about the house! It's one of Simmerville's historical old houses. Recreated, a copy. Almost.They call it the Kat house, but there was never any Kat family living here. I would have seen their ghosts if they were that important! This garden is already full of weeds, but I am not here to pull weeds all day! Yang! I love sitting upstairs in my tiny bedroom typing on my computer. I am writing a book about the old Simmish Prophecy. But it's hard to get started!

Best moment of the day:
Had a quiet and peaceful day, all on my own. I played chess and meditated most of the day.

Worst moment of today:
Losing my mantra twice because I was thinking too much of the telescope just outside the garden.

Photo of the day Day 3

I have not yet met so many locals. Have they arrived yet? Today Elvira Appleton visited. She wanted to eat, but I commanded her to play som chess with me! Holy chess spirit! My meditation of today told me I would win!

Best moment of the day:
Winning a chess game against Elvira Appleton. Twice!

Worst moment of today:
Being too exhausted for stargazing! 

Photo of the day Day 4

Tell me Similius, why do all these Sims come visiting me? No peace in this future? I can't write on my book upstairs when all neighbours keep visiting me downstairs! Ms Huin Mingonge was a pleasant woman, from distant Orientia, she lives here with her brother. Also in a historical house. She was ok. Jing! We could share many interests, she even agreed that I will meet the Aliens one day!

Best moment of the day:
Finding a friend in Huin Mingonge. She is my first friend here in the new hood! In the old hood I had none!

Worst moment of today:
Spending hours on cooking to please my guests! Why can't they bring their own food? Or meditate until they lose their sense of hunger?

Photo of the day Day 5

Finally! I spent hours on stargazing! I saw something! Someone eating pancakes! Do they serve pancakes up there? Well, it might have been something else. A bird? Eating pancakes? Jing?

Best moment of the day:
Being there alone, just me and my telescope! And a handful invisible aliens!

Worst moment of today:
Having to pay the bills. I have money and the hood council has not yet checked that each household networth is correct. But I keep forgetting to pay my bills. But today I remembered.

Ursull S. Swims, Angela M. Gobelin, Johanna Grumblin, Mollie MacAstral and Bimbo NL were the first Simmervillians to be recreated by Body Shop and voted. Now they are ready to transfer into the new world (TS2) together with their families.