Johanna Grumblin
Simmerville, Team C
Updated October 7, 2004 [Day1-5]

Photo of the day Departure

Most looking forward to:
I just want some rest and silence. That is all. I've not been so well lately, getting better, day by day. Hopefully the Transformation will make things better. I don't know.

Of course I am curious to see what food there will be. I read a lot about the fantastic variations, and how we will learn cooking from preparing food. How convenient!

Least looking forward to:
I have been thinking - what if I die before I arrive at the CAS thing? I am sick, perhaps I'm too sick to get through? But if so, will I ever get to know? Well, not much I can do about it. And I will miss making preserves and churbing butter.

Top wish at the CAS clinic:
Being my age you sort of lose interest in your looks. I must admit I was a bit disappointed when I was introduced to my recreation, but now I know I can live with it. And Steve, my man, says they did a great job. *shrug* I like his looks too, but he says he will have his eyebrows adjusted. Those men, so self centered! *shrug*

Photo of the day CAS clinic

Well, Steve and I was a bit upset from our stay at the CAS clinic. Not that they weren't clever or anything, but we got to know some facts about ageing, and we both realized that they were going to make us real, real elders!

Best moment of CAS clinic visit:
To have Steve admiring me after seeing my new appearance. It felt a lot better. It was a true blessing to have my hair tied back like I use to. And my glasses! And, depites the fact I'm getting old, well, I felt better than in a long time! I was so sick back in the old world, it is still nagging me, but I feel I can go on for a few more days. Well, with some luck, that is *shrug*.

Worst moment of the CAS clinic visit:
To realize that I am getting quite old! Now I just pray by Similius that I will make it long enough to taste and prepare all the new food they are talking about.

Tomorrow we will check out the new Johanna's Kitchen that the building team has prepared for us.

Photo of the day Day 1

Yes, both hubby Stevie and I we were very nervous and excited about the new house! And we couldn't believe our eyes when we left the taxi and stepped into the outdoor restaurant. First we were worried because it was all outdoor, but then hubby remembered they said the weather will mostly be sunny, still. What a marvelous view! And a nice tree garden next to the terracce, too. Oh my Similius!
Best moment of the day:
Seing the terracce, and all those cute small tables and chairs. And there was a gate! Next best moment was to realize that all rooms were on one level. No more stairs climbing on my part *shrug*

Worst moment of today:
Feeling dizzy again right after we entered our new home. I thought they cured it at the CAS clinic? Well... perhaps I was dizzy of pure joy.

Photo of the day Day 2

Some neighbours visited. They were hoping the restaurant was open, which I told them no, I need some time to get familiar with new recipes. Mrs leGrox insisted, so I had no choice but serve them some toasts out there on the terracce. The other guests were the brother and sister Mingonge, John Stello (Radio S-59) and Sven Hornsby (Mazaloom Historical Society).

Best moment of the day:
Watching the great yummy food channel on the tv. And noticing that most of the guests (except Mrs leGrox) were paying attention, too!

Worst moment of today:
When Mrs leGrox was food poisoned from eatng my food! Oh well, it was perfect the first serving, but in this world it seems food gets old much quicker. And Mrs leGrox who arrived here weeks before me should know to be careful. Well, she will survive.

Photo of the day Day 3

There is so much to catch up with! I really miss the local Food Club, they could have taught me a lot, but I guess they need time to find each other, just like me. Well, I study cooking every day. Today I read through 2 more books, my eyes are sore, but this is my passion! I had a great day!

Best moment of the day:
Learning a new dish, I can't wait to serve it in the restaurant!

Worst moment of today:
Closing the restaurant for the day with not one single guest visiting!

Photo of the day Day 4

My hubby, Steve, is a former Hood Council member, and today Juliana Valentino, current Spokes Sim, visited. Steve invited her in to play some chess and to discuss the new community structure. I wish he would leave it to others, younger sims like Mrs Valentino. But after all, hubby is once again a Hood Council member, Pet owner's representative. The only problem is that there are absolutely no pets around. Wonder what his new speciality will be?

Best moment of the day:
Reaching level 8 on cooking. I can't wait to celebrate the wonderful world of cooking when I reach the top!

Worst moment of today:
Visited a doctor, my eyes are getting worse. He said I should run the restaurant only every other day or hire assistance.

Photo of the day Day 5

Finally, word of mouth seems to help. Today the restaurant was packed. I was exhausted from serving them all, but it was pure joy! Wonderful! Well, it was mainly our closest neighbours (again), but they are nice Sims who I don't think I recall from the flat world. They seem to appreciate having a local restaurant in their area.

Best moment of the day:
Can't remember anything in particular. The restaurant guests loved my cooking, I guess that should count.

Worst moment of today:
Getting totally blind for a second while serving Huin Mingone, and I dropped a toast on her lovely red dress. She just laughed, but I felt miserable!

Ursull S. Swims, Angela M. Gobelin, Johanna Grumblin, Mollie MacAstral and Bimbo NL were the first Simmervillians to be recreated by Body Shop and voted. Now they are ready to transfer into the new world (TS2) together with their families.