Angela Mervil Gobelin
Simmerville, Team B
Updated November 6, 2004 [Day 4-5]

Photo of the day Departure

Most looking forward to:
I think this will be a great oportunity for improving all sides of our hood! I'm a Hood Council member, and I also run the oldest local market. I really look forward to influence the new community structure as well as the hood layout.

Least looking forward to:
Managing a traditional farmers market might be hard if there are no vegetables in the future. And, I think it's very hard that I had to put away my 3 gorgeous cats because pets are not yet allowed. I hope to have cats again very soon.

We do relate both to the Mervil family and the Gobelin family, each being represented in other households. So we will be part of a very special program where we are developing the correct family relations. I think it will include a lot of fuss, so I wish it would be less complicated.

Top wish at the CAS clinic:
My appearance feels ok, but I feel something is lacking. It's difficult to tell exactøly what. I think a new hairdo will make a difference, and I will ask them to adjust my eyes slightly. My husband, Stewart, is more than happy with his looks. And our son, Bart, has not yet been recreated, so I can't wait to see how he will appear!

Photo of the day CAS clinic

Well, I'll tell you something - this was the longest day of my life! And a scary, too. Basically the stay at the CAS clinic was okay, it's a new clinic with all the best concerning facilities as well as staff.

Best moment of CAS clinic visit:
To have the time to sit down and talk with some neighbours I had not seen in a long time. More CAS specific, I adored the hairdresser department. Funny thing, we didn't quite find any style that suited me 100%, not a lot of curles in there, but we found a good - and fashionable - substitute.

Worst moment of the CAS clinic visit:
The drama that made me real desperat for a second. The doctors said there might be some problems havibg our little boy Bart recreated. They suggested that we should have another baby or accept another child there at the clinic. Both Stewart and I saw red. If you have a little child yourself you will understand. Luckilly they pressed the right button, to put it that way, and things solved in a good way. The only difference was that Bart was a little older back in TS1, but they say he will grow up soon enough.

Now off to check out our new house!

Photo of the day Day 1

Stewart and I are so happy! We were extremely nervous to see how our new home would turn out, and we expected to wait until staying a couple days in Testville. To our surprise the project plan had been changed, and instead of moving into a small temporary test home while reading up on skills and interests, we were allowed to get our new home right away. The house is gorgeous! Its construction is based on our old home back in TS1, but it's actually hard to find many similarities.

Best moment of the day:
To sit down on the sofa with Stewart and enjoy our very own livingroom! Bart was asleep, and we were all practically exhausted. This moment of rest and romance was the best!

Worst moment of today:
To find that the house has got only one bathroom and that it's quite a long walk from the dining area. We had only one bathroom back in our old home but this house feels a lot bigger. I wonder if we can keep it all when they will check each household's networth in a couple days.

Tomorrow I'll give you an outdoor picture of the house, and yes, you will soon see our gorgeous little son, Bart, too!

Photo of the day Day 2

This house has got a long history, although it's new. It's a reflection of the past of Stewart's family, I think it was his great grand parents who built this house. I mean, it's new in this new world, but it's given the historical purpose that our hood is so dependent of. Being a Hood Council member myself, I have agreed to this idea of keeping fragments of the old history alive.

Best moment of the day:
We had a pretty good day. I got a job in the culinary track, I usedto be a sous chef, and I also run the old Mervil Market. This far I have only concentrated on my job, because the market has not been rebuilt as of yet.

Worst moment of today:
Stewart's old Aunts, Adelheid and Josefine, coming over to hang around Bart's crib. I was afraid they would pick him up, but they didn't. They both grew up in this house so I feel it's a little bit theirs, too.

Photo of the day Day 3

Stewart is depressed that he can no longer work officially as a tailor. It did not bring in a lot of money (if sanyone ask me), but it suited him fine with the Gobelin Fashion business. So, he now spends time at home, officially unemployed, but he is busy developing his creativity through painting, and he does look after our gorgeous little son, Bart, while I'm at work.

Best moment of the day:
I learned some new dishes today. It always feels like a thrill being in control of a totally new recipe. Well, I would of course also like to get promoted in a hurry, I'm still doing these low paid jobs. But soon...

Worst moment of today:
We had a problem with our very own double bed. Only one of us could go to sleep, because we kept getting a creepy feeling that the other half was in use by someone we could not see! We got help getting rid of the bed, and bought a replacement, and problem seems to be solved.

Photo of the day Day 4
I promised a photo of our gorgeous son, Bart. He is a toddler and is very easy going. We only have one problem with not having a bath tub in the house (we don't want it) we can't find other ways to clean him than to change diapers. Which sort of conflicts when we want to potty train him.

Best moment of the day:
Being promoted to Fast Food Shift Manager. My goal is either to be a sous chief or to start producing chocolates at home to sell at the Mervil Market that I operate.

Worst moment of today:
Finding that the repairman almost caught fire from fixing our dish washer. We have no insurence but neither did he claim us anything.

Photo of the day Day 5
The final day of my report was all about our gorgeous Bart. Today he learned to walk and to use the potty. And he learned to talk yesterday, so we are now pretty sure he will grow up nicely.

Best moment of the day:
Seeing my very own Bart walking without my help. Oh, and it was also nice to have a day off from work.

Worst moment of today:

Ursull S. Swims, Angela M. Gobelin, Johanna Grumblin, Mollie MacAstral and Bimbo NL were the first Simmervillians to be recreated by Body Shop and voted. Now they are ready to transfer into the new world (TS2) together with their families.