This section is dedicated to New Age, but perhaps even more to my latest sights and dreams, and my recent discoveries connected to the ancient Simmish Prophecy. About SimNation's FUTURE. I will publish whatever I learn to understand from that strange piece of old paper. Ying!
New age - our future!
Friends! My name is Mollie MacAstral,
I was sent to Simmerville to guide us all into our future! I have worked with several New Age related themes for nearly 20 years as a clairvoyant, including offering palm readings, tarrot and astrological consultations. Peace!

You can contact me telepatic, only. If you like to contact Simmerville web with general comments you can go to the webmaster's office, linked from the main page.

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dedicated to our FUTURE:

The Simmish Prophecy 
[Thanks to Mr Jason it was discovered that the prophecy's verses must be read in reversed order. I have added a number to make it easier for you!]

SimNation recovers, to daughter and son 
Do remember this notion, do pass it on! 

Great was the loss, but greater the gain 
Time no longer frozen, traits in your vain. 

Then recapture the third dimension! 
Many the details shall get your attention! 

Unleash the dragon, watch birds come alive 
Smile and open your hand; count to five! 

Then enter your future, take back your past 
The flat spell is broken, victory at last 

Don't cry! It's a friendly return of dimension 
Stay back! Don't fight their backward intention! 

6 AM, sky lights will return to fight 
the fight will last for one day and one night 

A secret spell, what you think is old is new 
What was forgotten, will soon shine through 

Then from female astral, the keys exist 
Bring back existence, lead sims through the mist 

Trapped in a flat world, each day a refrain 
None can remember what caused this pain 

Fading our shadow, stealing our age 
Then thousand abductions, sims in a cage! 

Notion careful, fear those from outer space 
They come to add a new dimension to their grace

Sorry, but the larger versions were taken off the server. Not sure what that mean, but I think it means that also these small pictures will be taken off the server. Soon. Ying!
Latest visualizing

(Added June 18, 2004. click for more)

(Added Apr 24, 2004. click for larger view)
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(Added Feb 28, 2004. click for larger view)
(Added Feb 28, 2004. click for full film strip)

(Added Jan 24, 2004. click for larger view)

(Possible UFO observation, Simmervillian forest.
Added Jan 10, 2004)

(Added Dec 14, 2003. click for larger view)

(Added Dec 14, 2003.)

(Added Nov 8, 2003. click for 4 images)

(Added Oct 3, 2003. click for larger version)