Simmerville Hood  :X:  Show Business Advisor's notes
Show Business Advisor
Job: Live culture and performences, TV channels. simday 91-105: Henrietta Wooblershield
simday 76-90: Judy V. Ballong [council]

simday 61-75: Sherard Glitz [council]
simday 46-60: Sherard Glitz [council]
simday 31-45: none
Career introduced on local simday 22.

Henrietta Wooblershield
Simmerville Hood - Showbusiness Advisor

Simday 91: What happened to Lake Ellie's?

I noticed they have been closed for several days. I trust their shareholders will make sure there is activity or there will be no profits, but it's a family business, and I wonder if it would be run more effectively if shares were spread on non-related owners? Today is Tuesday and that kind of establishments are closed Mondays and Tuesdays, so I should visit the place tomorrow to see they are open. Lake Ellie's is our only cultural sceene these days!

Judy V. Ballong
Simmerville Hood Council - Showbusiness Advisor

Simday 88: I'm quitting 2 days early

I quit because I can no longer be part of a council lead by a self focused and corrupt spokes sim, Stephan Gobelin. Yes, it is rude by me to state it this way, but it is no secret here in Simmerville that I feel this way.

Nobody ever took notice of my previously presented needs for Simmerville to build a new cultural community service. Whoever might be the next Showbiz advisor, please take a look at my former notes.

Judy V. Ballong
Simmerville Hood Council - Showbusiness Advisor

Simday 77: A new cultural amphi

I was asked to set up a plans and budget for a new cultural amphi.

Location: There is currently no suitable lot in the hood, we would need to add a new community lot at New Simmer Lane, eventually in connection with the rather new Listher Business Complex. We would need a rather large lot, I'd say 4x5.
Content: I think we should point that Simmerville is a countryside hood and we do not need to build a full scale arena for international needs. I think a small outdoor amphi surrounded by nice landscaping would do. In addition to  the amphi we could have a small ice cream/pastry café (1 barista), a small build for changing needs like exhibitions/activities/experiments. In addition I see a small play ground and nice paths for walking pets or just relaxing.

Budget: Total budget §100.000
§  5.000, a new lot
§30.000, landscaping
§20.000, amphi
§15.000, play ground (eventually incl a small skating rink)
§10.000, café
§10.000, room for changing specialities
§10.000, decorations and extras

Judy V. Ballong
Simmerville Hood Council - Showbusiness Advisor

Simday 76: New

I accepted this job doubtfully. My days are packed, but I see it might benefit a good case when a star like myself is fronting it. Former Advisor, Sherard Glitz did a great job, and it's a lot easier on me that the Showbiz career is represented on the Council for the 3rd period running.

My focus will be split; I want this hood to build a new community lot with an outdoor stage, an amphi, where locals can perform and where bigger stars touring, can perform too. We don't need a large theatre in this small hood, but such an outdoor arena can be used as a recreation park when there is no performance.

My other focus will be to recruit more teens and young Sims to the showbiz career. I think Simmerville Studio is a good direction, and as the hood owns majority of the shares, I will suggest that we spend some money on developing the outdoors. I also asked Ms Glorietta Wooblershield to arrange some activity for kids in order to attract more young sims to Studio.

Sherard V. Glitz
Simmerville Hood - Showbusiness Advisor

Simday 75: Brief Showbiz report

So, we still have no theatre stage, but at least Simmerville Studio finally was opened. It's been a success, although I can't see much work for actors and actresses there, except hanging out in the bar. The place is more aimed at artists, with the photo studio at its best. One of our celebrities, Simona Rose, opened her own bar called The Rose, especially inviting showbiz Sims. It's a great initiative, but as part of Listher Business Project (?) she can only rent for 10 simdays.

Most local celebrities have now retired, only Judy Ballong is still working but even she will be facing elderhood during the coming Age of Seasons.

Sherard V. Glitz
Simmerville Hood - Showbusiness Advisor

Simday 68: Showbiz needs more attention!

We are currently a handful actors in Simmerville, and most of us are pushing retirement. When we retire there will no longer be enough sims in this career to keep a showbis Advisor. I'm suggesting that Simmerville Studio gets more priority, we really need this kind of efforts! Simmerville Studio must be built asap, and a local sim should be managing it!

Sherard V. Glitz
Simmerville Hood - Showbusiness Advisor

Simday 59: No theater sceene yet

It was not possible to arrange for a new cultural sceene. The only two suitable locations, Lake Ellie's and Club Cornell, were in the build up phase, meaning they had too little traffic to start experimenting. Hopefully this can be dealt with during the Age of Pets.

Sherard V. Glitz
Simmerville Hood - Showbusiness Advisor

Simday 46: Entertainment

I have been discussing with Mrs Wooblershield, another councillor, about more guest friendly locations for meeting other Sims. I'd like to add that such locations could benefit from performances, like the Lake Ellie's Cultural Retreat, owned by my wife. Guests can play instruments, but I would also like to see a stage for stage play - comedy, tragedy, small funny theatre events.

I will check if this is possible with the announced deal.