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7 Test Lane

This house is the largest house at Test Lane. It was one of the first houses built in Simmerville after TS2. The interior has been upgraded mainly to make rooms for a household of 5. 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms. Note that this house also got a fundation, something the Simmerville Starter homes don't. The house is located at the start of the lane, traffic is noticeable.

Just like the other houses at Test Lane this house is property of Simmerville Hood. It's let to residents for daily rent, and Test Lane therefore has got a rather low status reputation.

Recent Households
5. (52-): Elton Tammer
4. (z-): Rispella (Moulino) Light (widow)
3. (y-z): Pale Light (from 3 Test Lane)
2. (x-y): Blenda Light (child, to 4 Test Lane)
1. (1-x): Pale Light (testsim, to 3 Test Lane)
Recent Owners
1. (1-): Simmerville Hood

This lot is historical. The Test Lane is too, because it was here those first testsims moved in to test TS2. In this particular house the testsim Pale Light lived with his daughter Blenda, and this is where Blenda was accidentally left alone as a child when Pale Light was deported to the family bin. As soon as Blenda grew up to a teenager, she moved elsewhere and Pale Light moved back in with his new family.