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5 Test Lane

This house is a standard "Simmerville Starter" - small but with many rooms. Downstairs: combined living/kitchen, bathroom, study. Upstairs: 3 small bedrooms, bathroom, small terrace.

Just like the other houses at Test Lane this house is property of Simmerville Hood. It's let to residents for daily rent, and Test Lane therefore has got a rather low status reputation.

Recent Households
3. (64-): Blendina Moulino
2. (40-): Bettie Stello (from 2 Dragon View)
1. (1-39): George Briggon
Recent Owners
1. (1-): Simmerville Hood

----- Old world (prior to the TS2 revolution) -----
In this house Simmerville's first twin birth took place on simday 2.